FTWSERVED.ORG For Those Who Served For Those Who Served.ORG FTWSERVED.ORG As of March, 2019 Patriot USA is founding sponsor of ftwserved.org For Those Who Served.ORG who’s mission is to deliver morale welfare and recreation focused programs […]



Inspired Today was a great day. Spent a few hours with some of our staff at one of our biggest accounts at a BBQ celebrating the hard work they do. I got to give away […]

In House Cleaning Obsolescence

In-House Cleaning Obsolescence

In-House Cleaning Obsolescence A recent Bloomberg article forecasts what unemployment will look like below 4% this year. This is the lowest the United States has seen in 100 years. This is what record low unemployment […]

best choice

Best Choice Commercial Cleaning

Best Choice Commercial Cleaning. It’s time to pick your next commercial cleaning service. You’ve done your research and you have a few proposals. You have walked through your business several times, explained your needs, perhaps […]

Seeking Great Clients

Seeking great clients. We know you are selective. So are we. For years, our objective has been to grow while still maintaining the extremely high quality level our clients have come to expect. This means […]

World Champions

World Champions

World Champions Being from the Philadelphia area, and long time Eagles fans we have waited a lifetime for a Super Bowl win. Last night was a special victory. The Philadelphia Eagles won and as a […]

Loss Prevention Cleaning

Loss Prevention Cleaning The cost of doing business is high, and most can’t afford unnecessary losses. One source of billions in loss each year is theft. Quietly, profits can walk out the door and kill […]


Celebrating 20 Years

Celebrating 20 Years When Patriot was first incorporated in 1998, we had little idea of what our journey would bring. When I sat down with our CPA to hash out the details, he was clear […]

Outstanding Cleaning Importance 3

Outstanding Cleaning Importance

Outstanding Cleaning Importance . Retailers, restaurants and other public businesses must maintain an always clean facility. Do this or risk a huge competitive disadvantage. Just this past week an incident of Norovirus at one location […]