Sharing Names with the Infamous 6

Sharing names with the Infamous

Sharing names with the infamous

It’s been an interesting last few weeks for my family and I. Like most, we watched the news when we saw that four young men were missing in Bucks County, PA. Immediately my mind went to how I would feel if any of our four children were missing. Just the thought was a source of anxiety. Immediately I began to pray for those families and the missing boys, in hope that they made it home safely.

It was just a few days later that the details began to be released. Shocking and horrible. Unimaginable. Then my mom called me, and asked me if I had noticed the name of the suspect. Oh no! Cosmo DiNardo! We laughed uncomfortably. We are NOT related, but the last name is hardly as common as Smith or Jones.

The very next day my phone rang and rang. Friends from around the country checking in. The news had made national headlines. They too saw the last name and though they know my family and I well, they don’t have access to my family tree. They didn’t want to ask but couldn’t help it. Are we related or do we know this family? Neither.

The name DiNardo is shared by many of Italian decent around the globe. The name comes from the root Nardo with Di or from Nardo which is a small town in southern Italy dating back to the 14th century.

At first, I wanted to go into hiding. Sharing names with the infamous is something we never anticipated. I’m a disabled veteran and a business owner. My name is my word, my calling card. I’m in business development for my company. I’ve spent decades building a positive history around the name DiNardo. My father, grandfather and my ancestors have too.

I did some searching and found there are approximately nineteen thousand people with my last name spread across America. Surgeons, stock brokers, television personalities, even a Roman Catholic Bishop. I wondered if their phones were ringing too.

My mind drifted back to the families of these slain four young men.

What would my father the fire chief say? What would my grandfather the WWII Veteran think about all of this? 

ANSWER: It’s all about those who suffered unimaginable loss. Our hearts go out to the families missing a son today. 

Sharing names with the infamous. Countering with a positive legacy.

The positive legacy of the DiNardo name shall continue to live on in spite of the publicity. We vow to continue to do great things and have a positive influence on this great land we are so proud of.  The legacy continues with our children including my son, who is currently serving in the US military.

As for the perpetrators of this horrible act. We hope they spend every moment of the rest of their lives in prison. May god have mercy on their souls.

Jim DiNardo- President, PATRIOT USA

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