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Exceed Expectations

Exceed Expectations How to deliver the best possible cleaning service to the client? There are many different philosophies. Some may be familiar with the old adage, “under promise and over deliver”. Of course, there are a myriad […]

Area among highest in U.S. with Mice, Roaches and Rats

Mice, roaches and rats are among the highest in U.S. in this region. An article posted yesterday confirmed what we had suspected for many years. Pest control in this region is a very serious issue. We notice the problem […]

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We Solve Commercial Cleaning Problems

Commercial cleaning problems? We solve them! Problem #1- The high cost of exceptional cleaning service  SOLUTION: We work with prospective clients to audit their cleaning and janitorial needs and develop a strategy producing the […]

Dirty Restaurant = Bad Experience

Recently, I had a dirty restaurant bad experience when I took a quick trip to one of the local greasy spoons, to catch a bite to eat with a friend. When I walked in, the […]


Cleaning Service Myths BUSTED

Cleaning Service Myths BUSTED There are many cleaning service myths and popular misconceptions regarding commercial cleaning and janitorial services. Let’s BUST a few! Cleaning Service Myths # 1- Cleaning services are all the same. Though […]

Unified Pest Control and Cleaning Services

A Unified Strategy for Pest Control Services and Cleaning Services Periodically, we review our offerings when we identify a need for a better solution that could be of value to our clients. Since 1998 we […]


A responsible choice in a cleaning company

Making a responsible choice in a cleaning company can be a challenging prospect because commercial cleaning is an intangible. You can not be 100% certain if your choice was the correct one till after the […]

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A dirty secret, REVEALED

There are a thousand dirty stories in the city (about a dirty restaurant). Here is one, an excerpt from Facebook: You’re out at a restaurant and excuse yourself. You have had 5 Diet Cokes. After painstakingly washing your […]


Never Forget ! Tell your story!

Never Forget The night of September 9, 2001 (my birthday), a close friend and I headed to Manhattan for a party at an apartment on the 9th floor of a building (with no elevator) in […]