7 Places to Visit in Pittsburgh, PA.

The city of Pittsburgh is home to all sorts of fun activities and monuments. So, in this Patriot USA special, we’ll cover the best places to visit in Pittsburgh, PA.

Walk Through Point State Park 

Autumn trail walks in Point State Park, PA
Point State Park

The Point State Park is a must-see destination for visitors checking out Pittsburgh. The park is located in downtown Pittsburgh and features grasslands, walking trails, and rivers. There’s a lot you can do at Point State Park, walk your dog, bike along the tracks, or even have a picnic. Now, we must also mention that the park is a historical site; close to the park, you’ll come across the Fort Pitt Museum, which features exhibits that tell the story of western Pennsylvania’s role during the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. 

See Some Art at the Andy Warhol Museum In Pittsburgh, PA

Andy Warhol Building in Pittsburgh, PA
The Andy Warhol Museum

Andy Warhol is a well-recognized American artist who received great recognition and fame for his pop artwork. For those who aren’t aware, Andy Warhol was born and raised in Pittsburgh, so the Warhol museum pays tribute to his artwork and his life, and the legacy he has left behind. The Warhol museum currently showcases one of the largest collections of Warhol’s art pieces which includes everything from his iconic commercial illustrations, prints to even art from his sketchbooks and more. 

Walk on the Wild Side at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium 

Pittsburgh Zoo building and Aquarium in PA
Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium

The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, located in Highland Park, features some of the most remarkable animal exhibits and ecologies. The zoo currently has over 4,000 animals on exhibit, each representing over 475 species. Some wild animals on exhibit at this zoo include Clouded Leopards, Cheetahs, Pygmy Hippos, and even the mighty African Elephant. The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium is the perfect place for those looking for a full day of activities and adventure. 

Meet Some Feathered Friends at The National Aviary in Pittsburgh, PA

Building of the National Aviary Zoo in Pittsburgh, PA
The National Aviary

Are you a fan of birds? Or heck, even dinosaurs? At the National Aviary located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You’ll have the chance to come up close and personal with some of the wildest and exotic birds on our planet. The National Aviary is an interactive zoo that allows visitors to walk alongside free-flying birds. Some cool birds you’ll get to encounter include the quirky African Penguin, African Pygmy Falcon, Andean Condor, and more! Explore habitats like wetlands or teleport to the tropical rainforests at the National Aviary zoo. 

Stroll Across the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Orchids at the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Get away from the city and enjoy some tranquility! The Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is literally an oasis for plant-lovers as it contains a wide array of color fauna. It’s been opened for over 125 years and features some of the most exquisite fauna you’ll ever see! Included in the flower collection are ferns, orchids of all kinds, palms, and even Bonsai. But, it doesn’t end just there! The Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens also feature a collection of art installations that range from glass art to Japanese lanterns to even sculptures.  

Learn Something New at the Carnegie Science Center

Science museum in PA
Carnegie Science Center

Located on Allegheny Ave, Pittsburgh, PA. The Carnegie Science Center is undoubtedly one of the most-visited museums in Pennsylvania as it features tons of exhibits, programs, and activities anyone can enjoy. Some cool exhibits include BodyWorks which teaches kids and adults everything you’ll need to know about the human body—bones, blood, brains, and more! Another interactive exhibit includes SpacePlace, which tells a story of what it would be like to be an astronaut. So, how long does it take to go through Carnegie Science Center? Well, with so much to see and soo much to do, you can expect to spend anywhere from 6 hours upwards to a whole day.

Have some Fun at Kennywood Amusement Park 

Amusement park rides at Kennywood, PA

Kennywood Amusement Park is located southeast of Pittsburgh, in West Mifflin. The amusement park opened in 1898 and has since then remained an icon in Pennsylvania. Here families can enjoy rides on roller coasters, water-slides and even check out some haunted houses. With tons of rides, shows, and great food, you’ll truly have a blast!

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