Bad Health Inspections in the News

Bad Health Inspections in the News.

bad health inspections

An article we saw last week, included a post from someone who dropped a bomb. News not related to cleaning. Posts of health inspection reports. Restaurants were blasted on very visible article about an opening of a new museum.


Falsehoods. It’s one thing to be slandered with untrue statements. It’s quite another to be targeted with information that is already public.  Managers and business owners are worried and rightly so.

Restaurants were chosen (we believe) by a former employee or someone on the inside with an axe to grind.

Negative exposure itself is more important than the reason why. The article is in a major publication. Digital newspaper articles live on forever, as does the first comment listing the dirty restaurant’s health inspection results.

Business is already competitive enough without having to get past negative public opinion.

Finally, with the estimation that one in three won’t patronize a dirty restaurant. Businesses could seriously be hurt. In fact, it could threaten to shutter the doors permanently.

Bad health inspections . Avoid the negative exposure.

Brand and image protection is necessary. Comments can’t be removed. There will always be a squeaky wheel.  But, we can protect the business itself. Also, this means being as prepared as possible when the health inspector arrives with a very clean and pest free environment. It’s harder to slander a restaurant with a spotless inspection report.

Of course, choosing the proper cleaning company, budget and schedule is critical. Consequently, the right janitorial service provider will protect for the long haul. One thing is certain. In almost two decades of commercial cleaning, we have never seen a business slandered for being too clean.

In closing,  it’s best to avoid bad health inspections posts on public sites by avoiding the bad inspection before it happens.



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