Best Choice Commercial Cleaning

Best Choice Commercial Cleaning.

best choice

It’s time to pick your next commercial cleaning service.

You’ve done your research and you have a few proposals. You have walked through your business several times, explained your needs, perhaps even put together a specification list.

One thing is certain. Hiring a cleaning company this way takes time.

But why spend so much time?

Perhaps choosing the best choice in a commercial cleaning company for your firm is important, and this is why you have invested the effort.

It’s decision making time. The proposals are in front if you.

Before sorting based on which is cheapest we suggest asking a few critical questions.

What is your time and the time of your management team worth?

What is the value to your company of reputation brand and image?

Many buyers sort proposals based on cheapest first. This strategy leads to paying less for less. You believe you’ve won and gotten a competitive price. You have actually bought less quality.

The next few months are spent complaining to your cleaning company and worse yet managing the cleaners to make sure they do what is needed. Customers don’t return. Clients worry your company is in decline. Employees send emails about things missed. Morale goes down. People look to who picked the cleaners.

You have pressing business to attend to and instead you are focused on cleaning.

Did you really win?

By selecting this way it’s very easy to cut out essential parts of the service. Did you cut out a management team to respond to your needs or quality materials. Perhaps you cut proper funds to pay the staff who will clean your business. Can you really trust a grossly underpaid cleaner after hours in your building? Do you think they will care to do more than the minimum? Would you?

Lesser janitorial companies will take your money. In fact their entire business model is based on the above. The will tell you what you want to hear, guess what you will pay and promise what is necessary. When the service begins the truth becomes clear.

Many buyers gather up more bids, sort them out based on cheapest pricing again.

We see these buyers bid after bid every year or two. Super frustrated and can’t seem to understand why they are still unhappy.

Does the above sound familiar?

Make The Best Choice

It’s time to pick a company that offers value consistent with pricing. Not the cheapest or the most expensive. Just a fair price for exactly what you need

We might be able to suggest the best choice for you.



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