Celebrating 20 Years

Celebrating 20 Years

celebrating 20 years

When Patriot was first incorporated in 1998, we had little idea of what our journey would bring. When I sat down with our CPA to hash out the details, he was clear at what Patriot could become, but not forthcoming about the risk. (probably for my sake). Honestly, I really didn’t understand was how many businesses fail, how difficult the journey, and what the true costs would be. It could be said, I had more balls than brains and at that time, it was probably a good thing. I had visions of grandeur and was optimistic to a fault. With the “world is flat” neigh-sayers clearly in my mind I set out over the horizon. Find new land or sail off the edge.

Momentum in business is akin to physics. Objects at rest tend to stay at rest. The first few years were very difficult. Expenses were far greater than profits. We canvassed and sold on the phone for hour upon hour. I walked through hundreds of office parks and sold commercial cleaning door to door. Often, I worked eight or ten hours selling then came home, grabbed a sandwich slipped into my cleaning clothes and headed out. Interviewing, balancing the books, developing data bases and websites before most companies had such things. Most businesses were still in the yellow pages (and we were too).

Over the years something amazing happened. We began to gain traction. We got over hurdles, made mistakes and learned and grew. We opened a beautiful corporate office. I remember when we got the first call to set up a job in San Francisco 3000 miles from HQ. We thought we had arrived! Over the years, we added to the list as we gained many high profile clients with names everyone new. Sony, David’s Bridal, Godiva, MTV, the list went on and on. Our staff was bursting to the edges. Nothing could stop us.

Then unexpected illness caught us completely by surprise, death in the family, several staff left and then the economy took a deep dive.

We tightened our belts, restructured, cut costs and we moved ahead. The trials taught us resilience, how to operate a lean business and most importantly to appreciate what we had.

Patriot USA stands today better than it ever has been. Customers who work with us gain the benefit of a well oiled, well tuned machine it took many years to build. We are very proud of our history, and our company and are honored to be trusted by some of the top firms in the nation to clean their facilities and protect their brand and image.

Please join us in celebrating 20 years in business!

Here we are 20 years later, with decades of experience ready to serve with a grateful smile. A genuine grin that only the experience we have had could bring. Thank you to all who have worked with and for us over the last 20 years and all the businesses we have had the pleasure of serving. We are celebrating 20 years in business. Here is to the next 20!

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