Cleaning Service Myths BUSTED

Cleaning Service Myths BUSTED

There are many cleaning service myths and popular misconceptions regarding commercial cleaning and janitorial services. Let’s BUST a few!

Cleaning Service Myths # 1- Cleaning services are all the same.
Though it would make shopping for services easy it’s far from the case. Cleaning services vary drastically. Varying levels of expertise, quality of personnel, even equipment and chemicals can be very different from company to company. This is why it’s highly recommended to compare deeply before choosing a service. Though it’s not the largest spend in most businesses, the cost of cleaning impacts the bottom line. It’s best to find out what you are really buying and choose the most value for your money.
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Cleaning Service Myths # 2- The Janitor is poorly educated or lazy, That’s why he’s the Janitor
Though they aren’t paid much as the local surgeon, many cleaners through working in specialized areas and long hours are able to achieve financial freedom just like many other professions (and they should). Often janitors are educated in other fields but prefer the freedom and independence that cleaning can bring. Plus, It’s not uncommon for the staff emptying trash to be completing a degree or working an administrative or operations job (and cleaning off hours to supplement their income.)
Working with a janitor for just one day can be a huge wake up call. Good janitors and commercial cleaners work harder than just about any other profession. Cleaning requires a blend of production, awareness and efficiency while being heavily physically tasked. Being detail oriented while also moving at a brisk pace is not for the faint of heart.
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Cleaning Service Myths # 3-The best value is the cheapest
Taking into consideration the first two myths above, it’s true you get what you pay for. Shorting a few dollars a service and crunching to enhance the bottom line often leads to decreases in quality of personnel, materials, expertise and more. In addition, when choosing the least expensive service the cleaning staff are often paid below a living wage. This is a sure way to cut productivity and motivation of the janitorial staff (or the time they spend). Yes, the books may look marginally better, but the facility looks worse. (Properly funded cleaning leads to more resources feeding the janitors family (who protects the image and health of the business). It’s the right thing to do.


Myth 4- A clean well maintained facility sets the tone of success for the rest of the business.
Nothing compares to the sense of value that a well maintained facility can bring.
The cleanliness of a facility effects the perception brand and image and morale of employees. Of course, it’s important to consider cleaner environments lead to greater productivity and less sick time due to the spreading of germs.
In conclusion, perhaps saving a few dollars is wise in a lower priority area. In exchange these resources can be used to choose the best rather than cheapest firm. The result can be a clean environment to be proud of.


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