Come Back Strong

Come back strong against Covid-19

come back strong
come back strong

Coronavirus sanitization services help businesses Stay Operational, Build Confidence, Avoid Negative Publicity and Legal Liability. 

Proactive sanitization services against Covid-19 avoids costly work stoppages and is essential to business in coming back strong. 

Highly visible sanitization staff increase traffic. If customers are confident that things are sanitary they spend.

Statistics indicate many employees are hesitant to return to the workplace under concerns of safety. The legal industry suggests that there may be additional liabilities to consider if not applying sanitization best practices. 

A coronavirus outbreak could lead to a negative publicity and not taking proper safety precautions can draw scrutiny from OSHA and the department of health. 

Patriot USA provides day porters using CDC guidelines to prevent SARS Cov-2. We sanitize wearing highly visible uniforms and provide commercial cleaning overnight to prepare for the next day. 

Patriot uses CDC guidelines to establish best practices against coronavirus. Follow this guidance for most effective results.

Come Back Strong

The Pandemic has been very disruptive. Through all the challenges we have faced, in some ways it has brought us closer together. It has caused us to focus on what is important.

Attitude is everything. We can social distance and be there for others. Kindness, giving and being of value to the communities we live in. These are ways we can weather the storm and prepare for the good that comes next. We believe that we will rise strong.

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