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Janitorial Services in Charleston SC
Patriot USA keeps the Charleston area clean!

We Provide Superior Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial and Staffing Services in Charleston, SC

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Since 1998 Patriot USA has set the standard for high-quality janitorial and commercial cleaning services in Charleston. Over the years we have grown to offer a wide range of services beyond commercial cleaning to include staffing services and much more. We are the company known for customer service and value that you can consistently trust and rely on. Providing the best people and the best service is our passion, and we take pride in being a key resource you can depend on. A Commercial Cleaning and Staffing Company you can Trust.

Commercial Cleaning

Most companies fail to plan and therefore plan to fail. We start by developing a plan customized for your specific needs. Commercial cleaning is not an easy job; it requires the right staff combined with skill, knowledge, proper equipment, and materials necessary to make a business always clean and presentable. Our commercial cleaning services include

  • Office Cleaning 
  • Restaurant Cleaning 
  • Kitchen Cleaning 
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Washing
  • Exterior Maintenance 

Staffing Services 

Need extra hands? We’ve got you covered. Patriot USA also provides our clients with experienced personnel, staffing, and labor. During a busy season, and year-round many of our clients utilize Patriot USA as a source for Housekeeping or Maintenance staff to keep their businesses operational and profitable. In addition, our foodservice staffing includes many knowledgeable individuals who have years of experience in the hospitality industry. Our teams include line cooks, prep staff, pizza cooks, and dishwashers. We provide general labor and we have supervisory personnel and quality assurance staffing. When it comes to reliability, efficiency, and quality our hospitality staff team will be there to help.
Patriot US offers a wide range of specialized hospitality staffing services such as:

  • Kitchen Staffing (foodservice)
  • Housekeeping and Hospitality Services
  • Landscaping Staffing
  • Pool Attendants


We help keep facilities and businesses operational during COVID-19! With revenue impacted during the pandemic, it’s crucial to have an ongoing strategy to mitigate risk against the spread of a Covid and a Coronavirus outbreak. Operation interruptions affect the bottom line as much as they undermine confidence in safety and morale. While there is no guaranteed solution against an airborne virus, organizations without an ongoing Covid-19 sanitization procedure run the risk of legal action should an outbreak occur and no solution is in place.

The burden of proof will rest on the firm where the outbreak was traced. Are surfaces properly treated against the spread? Lack of proof of an ongoing strategy and action taken (or a firm retained to take preventative measures) could be perceived as negligence. A proactive approach to preventing the spread of COVID across the workplace can drastically improve your employees’ and staff’s health, well-being, morale, and productivity.

Patriot USA provides multiple CDC recommended COVID-19 Coronavirus disinfection services. We use proven methodology, approved materials, and proper PPE to decrease the risk of catching COVID from surface contamination.  


Patriot USA offers a huge selection of the consumable supplies, materials, and equipment that companies like yours order most. Restroom paper supplies, hand soaps, trash liners, and more. From our network of 40 warehouses from coast to coast we can arrange drop-shipping directly to your location just in time. From office supplies, furniture, maintenance chemicals, and equipment we recommend shopping our selection of tens of thousands of products at competitive prices. Let us quote your preferred pricing. Try Patriot USA! 

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Your one-stop-shop for all your Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial, Staffing, and Facility Supply Needs in Charleston, SC.

At Patriot USA, our comprehensive approach to commercial cleaning, facilities maintenance, staffing, and supply increases our client’s profitability. Our goal isn’t just to save you money, but rather to help your company make more. By enhancing image and brand through cleanliness and professional services we increase client confidence and drive more business. By providing better people we affect customer experience with improved online ratings and feedback. By maintaining a proactive approach to the needs of our clients we release their management team to focus on core business practices. All of these benefits lead to a stronger balance sheet.   

Proud to Serve

Patriot USA is proud to offer janitorial and commercial staffing services from The Hub Collaborative Workspaces to the Charleston City Hall. Contact now to see what Patriot can do for you.


Selecting Patriot USA is a smart decision that will be well-received across your organization. Our services are guaranteed! Please contact us for a free no-obligation consultation and quote. 

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PATRIOT USA- 195 Meeting St #288, Charleston, SC 29401 – (843) 960-3093

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