Coronavirus Here Now!

Coronavirus Here Now!

Coronovirus is here
Patriot USA stops Coronavirus protecting your business!

Now that the first confirmed cases of Coronavirus have reached our shores, it’s crucial to have a plan in place to protect personnel and minimize damage to business, production and profit.
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The Covid 19 virus is known as Coronavirus. It has been spreading rapidly and is on the verge of pandemic. The virus was first discovered in Wuhan, China. Coronavirus has now made its way through Europe. The World Health Organization W.H.O. has sounded the alarm. It’s it’s just a matter if time before it is on all 7 Continents.

Coronavirus is an airborne virus that can enter the lungs, attaches to lung tissue, replicates and can cause acute respiratory distress, difficulty breathing and lead to Pneumonia. Covid 19 can also be spread by human contact or transmitted to surfaces that are then touched by others.  

What makes Coronavirus particularly dangerous is it’s effect on the human respiratory system. Most in danger are those with compromised immune systems, those with compromised breathing such as Asthma, COPD and those who smoke or vape. Most exposed are our youngest and oldest citizens but even healthy individuals who have contracted the disease have died.  

Coronavirus is difficult to treat because of a 2 week incubation period. This leaves an infected human undetected for up to 14 days while they unknowingly spread the germs to others. There are many carriers of the disease who are non symptomatic and continue to infect others not knowing they have the virus.

All businesses will be impacted. With estimates of United States infection rates reaching nearly 50% (150 million people) it’s easy to see how any business could find themselves without critical staffing, production slowing or shutting down and even losses of critical personnel. Close contact can bring home the disease to loved ones and could kill. 

Stop the Coronavirus

Patriot USA is equipped with CDC approved processes, products and knowledge to help keep Covid 19 Coronavirus from having a huge impact to your business. 

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