Cost of Restaurant Cleaning Services in Pennsylvania

The pandemic of 2020 has showed us the importance of maintaining hygiene and sanitation. Restaurant cleaning services can help you keep business clean and tidy. So, here we’ll briefly cover the average cost of hiring a professional restaurant cleaning service near you.

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Restaurant Cleaning Services in Pennsylvania

Maintaining the cleanliness of a restaurant on a daily is essential when it comes to health and safety. In such harsh times, the pandemic has certainly taught a lot of us the importance of reducing pathogen load and maintaining hygiene. Many commercial properties utilize sanitation procedures. Most importantly, it can truly affect the face of your business.

Reason #1: Reduce the Risk of Food-Borne Pathogens 

The kitchen can house bacteria commonly found on uncooked meat. During shifting and cooking meats, these bacteria can latch onto counter surfaces, floors, handles, and even light-switch increasing the risk of food-borne pathogen spreading. But that’s not all! There are other pathogens people can spread, and in 2020 the pathogen known as COVID-19 had become notorious for its spread. When you hire a professional restaurant cleaning service, you no longer have to worry about pathogen load! A professional hospitality cleaning service will take the steps needed to clean down counters, floors, and even doorknobs that appropriate sanitation products to reduce the risk of bacteria and virus from spreading.  

Reason #2: Pass your Annual Restaurant Inspection with Ease 

In the USA, restaurants, and kitchens may be inspected anywhere from 1 to 3 times a year. On average, this may work out to once every 3 to 6 months. The Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) role is to ensure that an area of hospitality does not pose a threat to public health. We all know too well that annual health inspections for a restaurant can be a stressful time. No doubt, the best way to pass for a restaurant to pass their health inspections is to be proactive! Which involves actively maintaining workplace hygiene and sanitation. 

Reason #3 A Better Experience for Guests

By keeping a restaurant and its kitchen clean and tidy, you actively reduce the risk of contaminants and odors present in the environment. In addition, a tidy restaurant will be more inviting and wholesome, which will overall result in a better experience for your customers. 

What to Expect with Pennsylvania Hospitality Cleaning Services

Patriot USA offers an extensive hospitality cleaning service in Pennsylvania. Our team of professional cleaners works one-on-one with restauranteurs to ensure sanitation and hygiene standards are met. Our restaurant cleaning services include a wide range of services such as:

  • Kitchen cleaning:  Professional cleaners will degrease exhaust fans and ovens; scrub stovetops, broilers, and ovens; sanitize floors, countertops, and walls; and of course, we can get right into cleaning out filters and ducts. 
  • Bathrooms: It’s not just the kitchen we do! When you hire our commercial restaurant cleaning service, our team of professionals will ensure toilets are sanitized, and floors are swept.  
  • Dining area: The dining and lobby area is the face of your restaurant. 

So, How Much Does it Cost to Have A Restaurant Cleaned Professionally?

A professional restaurant cleaning service can truly benefit a business in the long-run. You’ll not only pass your annual health inspections with a breeze, but you’ll also better the face of your business. So, what’s the cost?

Well, the cost of hiring a restaurant cleaning service will be based on how big your restaurant is- and the type of cleaning required. For example, if you require light cleaning services that involve vacuuming, dusting, and general bathroom tidy up. Then the cost can range anywhere from 0.10 to 0.30 per square foot or as little as $18 per hour. On the other side of the spectrum, if you require a more extensive or specialized cleaning service involving the kitchen, carpets, equipment, or specialty services the cost ranges from 0.10 to 5.00 per square of foot or between $20- $200 per hour. 

How Much Does it Cost to Have your Restaurant Cleaned in Pennsylvania?

No doubt, a restaurant with a clean kitchen and dining area becomes a more trusting environment for customers. At Patriot USA, we offer a wide range of options to hospitality services seeking professional restaurant cleaning. Our team of professional cleaners and janitors:

  • Use planet-friendly cleaning products for companies who prefer the more green way!
  • We use nothing but the best equipment to ensure all jobs are completed promptly.

Talk to us today to see how much it would cost to have your restaurant professionally cleaned in Pennsylvania.  

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