Covid 19 Please Read

Updated June 16, 2020

I hope this message finds you, your family and staff safe and healthy during this difficult time.

Many of our clients are beginning to return back to business. We are doing what we can to support our customers, our staff and our community. We are hopeful for a safe return of all businesses that are impacted as soon as they are able. 

Patriot USA is considered a life essential business as established by the state of Pennsylvania and we have maintained operations throughout the pandemic and shut down across the country.

Our team are experts at Covid19, Coronavirus prevention. We provide services on call for customers that are still considered “life-essential” and businesses that are reopening now. We also continue to focus on critical supply delivery. We offer distribution of products most needed during this time including paper supplies, sanitation materials, PPE and chemicals. Where supplies were short initially most are now available. Of course quantities are still limited, but we are doing what we can to help.

We realize the financial impact the Coronavirus pandemic continues to have on all of us, and this leads to some very difficult decisions that must be made. Like most of our clients, we are doing what we can to help so our businesses survive and people have jobs to come back to. We are stronger together!

Please call us at 877-575-1129 if you have any needs (even if those needs are partial) and we will do what we can to help and be flexible. We are here for you. 

We are in uncharted territory and it’s a brave new world. We stand for hope, positivity, equality and freedom. From myself personally, my family and our Patriot team we wish you safety, serenity and peace.

Jim DiNardo, President
Patriot USA

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