Covid-19 Sanitization

Covid-19 Sanitization is a hotly contested topic this year and a hotbed of conflicting information. What is effective and not effective against Covid-19, Coronavirus and Sars CoV2 has been contested but the CDC has weighed in. There are best practices and approaches suggested to avoid. 

Coronavirus is an airborne disease that effects the lungs. Since there is no foolproof way to protect everyone, social distancing and personal protective equipment are important. Coronavirus can be passed by touching surfaces. The virus is transferred to the eyes, nose and mouth through unintended touching.

There are many companies charging exorbitant prices for one time Covid-19 sanitization services. These services alone and the presence of white Tyvec suits, respirators and sprayers can inspire false confidence. Firstly, surfaces must be properly cleaned before this step. Then, the sanitizing chemical must be removed from the touch surface after an appropriate soak time. Then ongoing daily sanitization is necessary to truly be effective.

Thus, we offer these services but we are reluctant to provide them without an ongoing approach to protecting your company and our reputation. Employees who contract covid after sanitization will likely remember the company hired to clean and may not consider the responsibility of their employer to maintain an ongoing strategy to keep them safe.

While it might be cost effective to hire a company to sanitize one time, the nature of coronavirus is that services are quickly recontaminated. Proper sanitization done correctly as opposed to cheaply is a matter of safety, and safety always comes first. It’s the responsible and right thing to do.

Covid-19 Sanitization done properly

Daily Sanitization

Bottom line, it requires more time and resources to properly keep a facility safe. It’s an ongoing daily effort. We are most interested in working with companies that understand this need. Patriot USA works to ensure the ongoing safety of employees, clients, customers, vendors and the community. It’s what we do.


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