DANGER, Poor Cleaning

Danger, poor cleaning.

danger, poor cleaning

Last week, having my coffee and reading while watching the morning news, a commercial came on that surprised me.

A local high powered law firm. A spokesman attorney.

Let me paraphrase the advertisement:


‘If you’ve been injured in a slip in fall on a dirty floor, call us at 800 XXX-XXXX.

It went on to say that ‘we ALL KNOW stores, restaurants and other businesses with notoriously dirty floors.’

‘If you’ve taken a slip and fall, be sure to take pictures of the floor’ and call us immediately.


I sat for a minute while the implications set in.


Surely, the firm would not be spending big money on this type of advertisement had it been proven unprofitable?

Law Firms are for profit businesses, and television advertising is expensive, so this must be making money.

The business doesn’t have to have a “slippery floor”?

I’m guessing from a legal perspective that the lawyer doesn’t have to prove the floor was slippery at all, rather to claim that the floor was poorly maintained and therefore it was slippery.

 Perhaps many of these result in cash settlements, so the defendant business can stop the bleeding of court costs and attorney fees?

Though this may still be difficult to prove in court, the cost of litigating such claims could be devastating to a business. The goal of the firm may be in fact to file the case, win or lose.


DANGER, poor cleaning .

Wouldn’t it be easier to have an “obviously well maintained floor” to start with?

A visibly clean and well maintained floor does not readily lend itself to photographic evidence to be used in a court against a business.

This would be the point when we state we are NOT LAWERS and this doesn’t represent legal advice of any kind.


Are you in danger of poor cleaning ? “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”



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