It’s ALL in the details.

Detail cleaning is the difference between good commercial cleaning and outstanding commercial cleaning.

Detail Cleaning

“it’s all in the details”

Detail- an individual feature, fact, or item.

Individuals who are detail oriented are critically important to successful commercial cleaning. Giving the cleaners the tools for success are just as important.

Even in common buildings, needs for services and frequency of services can vary drastically. Cleaners without guidance and a system to follow often clean in a “path of least resistance” or “pattern clean” . In these cases just the obvious tasks are addressed. This leaves a huge opportunity for missing details, and aside from poor personnel, it’s the most common reason janitorial firms fail to meet expectations.

In addition, cleaning staff and janitorial staff must keep pace to keep in line with the requirements of the job. Otherwise, the staff would be in the way or underfoot when business was about to commence. This is counter productive, and a hinderance to business operations.

Management in the janitorial industry often fail because (even with the best intent) they lack the ability to break down the needs of a facility to the least common denominator, putting these needs on paper in a way that is easy for the staff on the frontline to understand and follow. Developing this expertise requires years of hands on experience.

Hence, Janitorial companies often provide cleaning quotes based on boilerplate grid patterns. These  are typically obtained or stolen from other companies, adjusting a few checkmarks, then submitting it over and over. This approach is an ineffective way of approaching any facility. It demonstrates a lack of understanding of the exact needs of a company. The result is, commercial cleaners find this path difficult to understand, and consequently miss the important details.

Good from excellent is separated by customized systems. Customized systems offer a clear and distinct understanding of what must be done. Combine this with detail oriented personnel who have the conditioning and training to understand the tasks of the day. This is how detail cleaning is achieved. This is the recipe for excellence.

Detail Cleaning at Patriot USA

Patriot’s estimators meet with you at your facility and listen intently to your needs. We take very detailed notes. Then we blend this information with our many years of experience. We understand what works and what does not.

Our estimator creates a very customized bullet point style proposal. Our process that ensures the cleaners responsibilities are well understood by all. We believe this is necessary before we begin doing business.

Then, we use these custom specification lists to develop customized checklists that the cleaners use during service. Patriot staff are equipped with a guideline that gives us the ability to know where and when things must be addressed, what has been serviced recently and what has not. These tools are necessary for speed and efficiency and to ensure the detail cleaning is not passed over.

In conclusion, is your cleaning company missing the details? Let us show you how you can get the most value from your cleaning budget.


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