A dirty secret, REVEALED

There are a thousand dirty stories in the city (about a dirty restaurant). Here is one, an excerpt from Facebook:

dirty restaurant

dirty restaurant

You’re out at a restaurant and excuse yourself. You have had 5 Diet Cokes.

After painstakingly washing your hands, twice, you turn the water off with your elbow or shirt (so you don’t get germs from the 1,000 dirty people who used the sink before you).

Then, somehow you have to get your fingers inside the 1/4 inch gap underneath the dispenser to pinch a paper towel without touching the disgusting metal and recontaminating your hands.

It’s like the adult version of “Operation”. The electronic buzzing is replaced with hand herpes.

It’s worth noting that for every post like this, there are many more your business could be unaware of. Luckily (for the business), the post doesn’t list the location, but it could. Once the word is out it is very difficult to hide. Negative exposure is very difficult to erase.

We suspect many people feel this way. It’s estimated that up to one in three people won’t return to a restaurant with a dirty bathroom.

Consequently, the post above got us thinking. Regardless of Patriot’s involvement, public safety and good business practices are necessary. Restaurants should be more accountable to the clients they serve.

It’s bad business to serve food in a poorly maintained restaurant, regardless if it’s the dining room, bathroom or kitchen that is dirty.

Restaurants should be held responsible for cleanliness.

Dirty Restaurant Accountability

Help save the next customer from a bad experience.

Please visit the newly created Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Dirtyrestaurant/ which welcomes anyone, anywhere to highlight a dirty restaurant in need of help. This includes customers and employees.

Go to Facebook.com and apply hashtag #dirtyrestaurant to see the most recent offender. We suggest that it’s best to avoid being next. 

If you know of a restaurant or bar that has a dirty secret, please send them our information:



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