Disinfecting Your Work Space to Prevent Covid 19

Not too long ago, we saw headlines of the President and his staff testing positive for COVID-19. President Trump was not the only member of the White-House who contracted the dreaded COVID. Many members within his circle also tested positive for the disease, First Lady Melania, Barron Trump, Hope Hicks, and more! In total, more than 16 individuals tested positive for COVID. 

So, how did President Trump acquire COVID? And how did the infectious agent spread so quickly around the White-House? 

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First, Let’s Figure out How Viruses Spread?

The pathology behind how viruses spread and cause disease is undoubtedly complex. Viruses like COVID-19 need to break through multiple chemical and physical barriers to establish illness and infection.

COVID is a viral pathogen that can either spread from person-to-person or from object-to-person. The pathogenic agents are carried within the droplets produced from basic actions such as sneezing and coughing. 

For disease transmission to occur, a person with the infection must be near a healthy individual. A healthy individual in contact with a sneezing or coughing person can have the virus enter their body through their eyes, mouth, and nose. When a virus enters these parts of your body, they begin replicating locally and eventually spread to your respiratory system, resulting in disease emergence.  


Yes, Viruses can Persist on Surfaces too!

It’s important to remember that viral transmission can occur both directly and indirectly. The direct transmission includes person-to-person spread where a healthy individual comes in contact with an infected individual. 

In-direct transmission occurs when a healthy person comes in contact with inanimate objects and surfaces that contain trace elements of the virus. 

You’ve heard that saying before? Wash your hands after you touch a doorknob? or wash your hands before a meal. This phrase was derived to prevent in-direct pathogen transmission. For example, a recent study conducted in June of 2020 demonstrated that COVID-19 could persist on the surfaces of glass, plastic, metals, and other fibers. The research shows that the virus can remain active on these surfaces for up to 9 days.  This, of course, puts a significant number of people at risk of catching the virus even if they aren’t in the presence of an infected individual. Current research shows that disinfectants containing ethanol, 2-propanol, sodium hypochlorite, and hydrogen peroxide are all effective against COVID-19. 

So, Why is it Important to Disinfect the Workplace?

We need to bear in mind that there are no vaccines yet available, which can prevent COVID-19. While scientists work on developing vaccines, we need to do our part by breaking every possible route of transmission this virus can follow. By implementing effective commercial cleaning and disinfecting services, you can rest assured knowing that:

  1. You’re actively disrupting the transmission routes of COVID-19.
  2. You’re protecting your employees by reducing the risk of them acquiring the virus. 
  3. You will protect the families of your employees.
Masks and Temperature readings help, but who has the time to clean their business all day long? That’s where Patriot comes in to help!

PPE, Janitorial Cleaning Services, or Both? 

We need to bear in mind that there are no vaccines yet available, which can prevent COVID-19. While scientists work on developing vaccines, we need to do our part by breaking every possible route of transmission this virus can follow. 

Personal protective equipment, PPE is an effective method to break the direct transmission of the virus. The proactive implementation of PPE, such as N95 respirators, disposable gloves, face-shields, and goggles, can decrease chances of contracting the virus. Simultaneously, if a person does test positive for COVID-19, then PPE’s can assist in containing the virus-enriched droplets within a person’s face mask. 

As we mentioned above, coronaviruses can thrive for hours, if not days, on inanimate surfaces like tables, chairs, doorknobs, and more. By implementing effective sanitation techniques, janitorial and cleaning services will sever coronavirus in-direct transmission routes.

Disinfect and Clean your Workplace with Patriot USA

At Patriot USA, our team of skilled janitorial staff is passionate about workplace health and safety. Our commercial cleaning services follow disinfection and sanitation guidelines as established by the CDC and WHO, which decrease the likely hood your workplace touch surfaces are contaminated with COVID-19 and many other infectious agents. To keep your employees healthy and happy, Reach out to us for more information about our janitorial, commercial cleaning and Covid-19 sanitization services. 




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