Fitness and Gym Cleaning Services

Gyms and fitness centers see hundreds of people each day! With many feet walking through the door, the risk of bacteria and germ spread increases significantly. A fitness center is a business created for people who want to keep fit and healthy! For this reason, it’s essential to maintain the cleanliness within a gym as it can not only please existing members, but it can also attract new ones!

Patriot USA offers reliable gym cleaning services within the Philadelphia, PA region. All gym cleaning services in Philadelphia are catered toward your individual needs and budget. 

How often Should you Clean Gym Equipment?

Most gyms and fitness centers set a standard rule; gym equipment must be cleaned after every use. Although this rule works well, it’s essential to bear in mind that other aspects of a gym will require regular disinfection procedures to be in place. But as a general rule of thumb, we highly recommend investing in a proper gym cleaning service annually as gyms tend to see a lot of people daily it’s important to hire a professional janitorial staff that can clean and disinfect your gym either every night or every other night And when possible gym and fitness facilities owners should consider conducting deep clean of all gym equipment, areas, and surfaces at least once or twice a month. 

Fitness facilities tend to contain a combination of both porous and non-porous surfaces. Each of these surfaces will thus require different sanitation procedures to be in place. For example, non-porous surfaces in gyms can include glass, tiling, or metals. In these cases, commercial cleaners at Patriot USA will choose to use a hardy EPA-approved commercial disinfectant, reducing the bacterial load on a surface by 99%.

Many fitness centers and gyms tend to have a lot of rubber mat flooring. Rubber flooring is a porous material that can absorb and entrap bacteria, sweat, dirt, and more! We prefer to use pH-neutral soap-based cleaners that actively dissolve dirt and disinfect floor mats for the more porous materials like rubber gym mats. 

Patriot USA Fitness Centre Cleaning Services in Philadelphia, PA

At Patriot USA, we offer excellent gym cleaning services in Philadelphia, PA, at affordable rates. Patriot USA takes pride in providing reliable and trustworthy commercial cleaners business owners can trust. When booking an annual gym cleaning service in PA, our staff will not only talk you through the sanitation procedures, but they will also make recommendations based on best practices. With a Patriot USA gym cleaning service, your fitness center will receive an annual intensive clean, which includes:

  • Through sanitation of all gym equipment and weights.
  • Vacuum, sweeping, and mopping of all hard floors and tiles.
  • Sanitation and janitorial services for bathroom, sauna, and changing room areas, and
  • More!

Wiping and spraying down gym equipment only slows down the bacterial growth! It’s important to invest in a proper gym cleaning service in Philadelphia to ensure your gym remains exceptionally clean. Talk to us to today to learn more about professional gym cleaning services in PA.

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