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As of March, 2019 Patriot USA is founding sponsor of ftwserved.org For Those Who Served.ORG who’s mission is to deliver morale welfare and recreation focused programs and services that contribute positively to the quality of life of active duty, reservist, veterans, disabled vets, current and former law enforcement and active duty firefighters.

In years past, we  have been supporters of Wounded Warrior Project, the USO, and other veteran organizations.  This year marked a turning point with an opportunity to do something more hands on with the causes we represent.

Patriot’s USA’s  President and Founder, Jim DiNardo is a Service Connected Disabled Veteran and was deeply involved in the founding of For Those Who Served.ORG. “It all started when it became apparent to Jim and a group of veterans and first responders that there was a need for simple outreach and camaraderie amongst those who have served or continue to serve this country.” 22 U.S. Military Veterans commit suicide a day. Nearly 60,000 Veterans slept on the street last night. More can be done to show veterans they are not alone. Giving back is the right thing to do.

All Gave Some, Some Gave All. 

For Those Who Served will be offering opportunities for Active Duty Military, Veterans and First Responders to participate in low or no cost Air-Soft, Paintball ftwstactical.com, Shooting Sports, Billiards, Bowling, Excursions, Camping, Rucks, BBQ’s, Movies, Concerts, Sporting Events and More!

We hope if you are reading you will visit the site www.ftwserved.org, visit on facebook www.facebook.com/ftwserved and share it with others who might have a need or who are supporters of Active Duty, Veterans and First Responders (and if you feel like supporting please donate). Even a small amount goes a long way and proceeds are used to directly support programs and services. 

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