Giving Back Mentorship

Giving Back Mentorship

There are many ways to give back to the community. I’ve been one to donate to a few causes, and help where I can over the years.

A month ago I was asked to participate in a pilot program to mentor someone in business. My first thoughts were that this might be an excellent opportunity to help someone, and in the process reinforce the many lessons I have learned in business over the years.

Yesterday was the initial opportunity to talk with my new mentee. A young man who was articulate, and obviously intelligent. We discussed his aspirations and goals. We talked about his journey to date, and I shared a brief history of what my path has been so far.

What I found interesting was that the conversation was less about specific things that needed to be learned. It became apparent that what was most important before we got to any “how to” type guidance. The most important thing was to build confidence.

Our interim discussion became about tenacity and about seizing opportunities.

I found that my role for this young man is likely just as much coach as it is mentor.

I could tell after our conversation that I had lifted his spirits. He was pumped up, and so was I.

I gave him a few tasks that would help him. Shared with him a few books that should be on his bedside. We planted the seeds of new ideas.

We ended the conversation with the need for reinforcement. Confidence easily wanes when faced with adversity. He’s got a long road ahead, and I find myself hopeful that he continues to reach out for guidance.

Giving back feels good!

He was very thankful and grateful when the conversation ended, but what I tried to impart was that I was thankful and grateful too. I certainly got as much out of it if not more than he did. Helping someone and expecting nothing in return is one of the most fulfilling things one human can do for another.

We only keep what we have by giving back.



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