New health inspection APP

Health inspection app comes to a city near you.

Health Inspection app

Restaurant cleanliness is a critical component to good restaurant business. In the foodservice and restaurant business maintaining sanitary conditions is necessary for safety and important to repeat business.

Reports of restaurant cleanliness have become more available. Several local papers and websites now post health inspection reports online.

Consequently, it has become increasingly easy to gain insights from others about restaurant cleanliness as this information is posted online.

Customers won’t return to a dirty restaurant.  Up to 33%.

Also, the advantage for the dirty restaurant was that these reports were not easy to find and access.

Finally, technology has once again shifted in favor of the consumer.

Health Inspection App Coming Soon


Now in DC and coming soon to your area, the Health Inspections App that gives eaters the opportunity to view health inspection reports before choosing a restaurant.

Don’t risk the bad press and loss of revenue. Maintain sanitary conditions and stop negative reports about cleanliness before they happen.   Protect your restaurant with a daily cleaning and maintenance program from Patriot USA.


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