In-House Cleaning Obsolescence

In-House Cleaning Obsolescence

In-House Cleaning Obsolescence

A recent Bloomberg article forecasts what unemployment will look like below 4% this year. This is the lowest the United States has seen in 100 years.

This is what record low unemployment looks like in America

This means maintaining internal staff is a huge challenge. Turnover rates go up as opportunity becomes available for your cleaning staff in other firms. Many companies find themselves scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for good cleaning staff, only to find them leaving in just months or weeks later for better pay elsewhere.

In this environment internal cleaning staff management can quickly go from a easy to oversee evolution to a nightmare. Constantly hiring, rehiring and training new staff. All while the quality level of personnel continues to go down. The dollar that used to buy good labor no longer stretches as far in this economy.

Good cleaning is still an essential part of any business. Not having a clean facility effects image and brand. Customer experience is paramount. Company morale can take a huge hit, sickness rates and work hour losses take a bite out of production and effect bottom line profits. 

In-House Cleaning Obsolescence

In-house cleaning obsolescence is a reality now, and will be for the foreseeable future. With record low unemployment rates finding a reliable commercial cleaning vendor is more important than ever before.

What are we doing? Interviewing like crazy, hiring and training and being of huge value to our clients. We have been in business for two decades so we have seen both boom and bust. Patriot has experience finding staff in this environment and a deep well of new hire candidates that most businesses do not. We keep our cleaners happy and well paid so they don’t want to leave. 

While our clients focus on their core business practices we are working hard behind the scenes to continue to produce quality service reliably. If you don’t have Patriot USA right now, we suggest now more than ever you need us.



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