Staffing & Janitorial Services for Hotels & Hospitality Businesses

Patriot USA LLC offers staffing services to hotels, resorts, restaurants and other hospitality businesses. Our seasoned team of professionals can help provide the team you need for everything from your multi-site luxury hotel group to a single site resort even in a remote location. The goal for each client and their corresponding needs may vary slightly, but the outcome is always the same. We ensure the best possible people arrive and become an integral part of your business operations and success.

Over the years, Patriot USA has become the go to source for workers that go above and beyond to meet the demands of our many clients. We have skilled staffing with experience to complete a wide array of essential tasks with confidence. That’s why if you are looking for professional hotel or hospitality staffing, please contact us today.

When you choose Patriot USA’s housekeeping staffing, you and your guests can be assured of:

  • An experienced team of housekeeping professionals
  • A group of staff that arrive to integrate into existing customized hotel cleaning programs.
  • Quality assurance and accountability at an individual level to ensure the results are excellent and consistent.

Interior and Exterior Maintenance

Patriot UDS can provide staffing to maintain both outside and inside the property. We have a team of experts who are able to fill roles in many different departments. We can assist with the varied needs of any property we service.

Here are additional value added reasons to try Patriot USA:

  • Our staffing will enhance the client experience and increase positive reviews on search, social media and booking sites.
  • We have a wide array of available staff to meet hospitality business needs. In some cases we can be a one stop shop.
  • We offer business flexibility adjusted to meet demands of your business.
  • Our growth with your organization is based on your satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?

Now, if the above reasons weren’t enough for you to make a decision, here are some of the reasons why we have continued to be the cleaning service of choice for many hotels in the city for over a decade:

  • Our Team has Industry Specific Experience – Our team is trained and experienced, which means that they can handle any size hotel, motel, or restaurant’s cleaning needs.
  • We are a Full-Service Provider – We clean everything from common hallways, restrooms, and kitchens to fitness centers, banquet rooms, etc.
  • Professional on-site assessment – Your hotel is going to be evaluated by an experienced janitorial team, who will then customize the program to meet your specific needs and budget.
  • Supervision – We will make sure that all cleaning in your hotel or place of business is supervised by a seasoned professional. If anything, we’ve found that having a supervisor on-site ensures consistent cleaning.
  • We Use Advanced Technology and Equipment – To us, using the best equipment that money can buy speeds up the cleaning process and makes it more thorough. Everything from color-coded microfiber mopping to microfiber dust cloths and other green technologies is employed to ensure the best results.

Our Janitorial Service Extends to Resorts, Motels, and Inns

We have the resources and experience needed to keep an entire building clean. Our team understands the need to be careful and pay close attention to even what may at first appear to be minor details. Not to mention that our team is specially trained to work with owners and managers to ensure the cleaning’s best outcome.

We also maintain non-resilient and resilient flooring types like Concrete, Marble, Terrazzo, Granite, Tile, and Ceramic.

We Pay Close Attention to Every Detail

We are not your run-of-the-mill cleaning company or janitorial staffing service. In fact, what sets us apart is that we only work with certified and experienced professionals. Working with professionals ensures that the level of cleaning is always as per the high standards we are known for by our clients.

Our team pays close attention to every detail. We don’t let the smallest or hard to notice spots go uncleaned. In fact, we make sure that an area is often passed over multiple times until the supervisor is satisfied with the cleaning. Speaking of supervisors, each one is tasked with making sure that our clients, i.e., you, are fully satisfied with the work done.

Excellent Customer Service

Every person working for us is trained to handle customer service questions. Though we have a dedicated team that answers questions over the phone, our experts on the ground are equipped to handle questions too. By doing this, we assure our clients that their needs and queries are always at the forefront of our efforts.

Call Us Today and Tell Us What You Need

When you want to hire janitorial services that work for you on autopilot, ensuring the highest level of cleaning of your establishment, then look no further than us. At Patriot USA, we take great pride in making sure that our clients are more than satisfied with the work we do. Call us today to discuss your cleaning needs.

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