Today was a great day. Spent a few hours with some of our staff at one of our biggest accounts at a BBQ celebrating the hard work they do. I got to give away some gifts to the cleaners, shake hands with client management and give away promotional materials. Shirts, pens etc. By the time I left there was even a client bigwig walking around wearing a Patriot shirt proudly. Gotta love that.

I was reminded of several things.

One, Patriot is blessed with incredible people that I would hang out with anytime. We have enough people working for us these days that I don’t get the opportunity to meet everyone personally anymore, so I had to make some introductions and attempt to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible. They deserve dignity and kindness. Most importantly Respect!

Two, I speak more Spanish than I think I do. Many of our staff speak english as a second language. Un pocito mas o menos

Three, our staff are some of the hardest working people on the planet. (Watched the clients staff hug them and take pictures with them). Evidence of how valuable they are.

Four, the gratitude our staff showed me for an opportunity to work. One of our staff even invited me to visit him and his family.


I’ve been pondering lately looking for new inspiration to continue to grow our company and today I found it. When we grow we feed more families. I need to remember that when I’m in the field representing Patriot.

The value of any company is in it’s people. Patriot’s not about me. I’m a spokesperson a manager and a business development guy. I’m behind the scenes troubleshooting and being there to communicate with our clients and their needs. Meanwhile our people are out there every day making us look great, and I am humbled to be in a position to even be associated with them let alone lead them forward together.

Today, I am once again inspired. #gratitude #patriotusa

Jim DiNardo- Patriot USA



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