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Janitorial Cleaning Services & Staffing in Bethesda, Maryland

Patriot USA has been offering top-shelf commercial cleaning and janitorial services in Bethesda MD, for over 15 years. We originally started out in 1998 and have since then grown exponentially into a multi-state service. Today, we serve multiple cities across the US, but adhere to our commitment of ensuring excellent quality cleaning for our clients. That’s why ours is the no.1 rated and recommended service in the city.

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Why is Professional Commercial Cleaning Important?

While there are many commercial cleaning services in Bethesda MD, there is a reason why clients choose us. The single biggest reason is the fact that we take the cleaning of businesses very seriously. We know that a clean looking and smelling business will attract more clients, be healthy for employees, and, if required, pass cleanliness inspections.

Our commercial cleaning services cater to businesses of all types and sizes. Whether you own a restaurant, manage a large mall in Bethesda, or run a factory that packs frozen meat, we can handle it all. We have the team, experts, and seasoned professionals who take a scientific approach to clean your business. That’s why you never have to worry about if the cleaning being carried out is satisfactory because it is always more than adequate and that’s a guarantee!

We Use Only Safe Cleaning Products

As seasoned commercial cleaners, we only use the safest yet most potent cleaning products. Not only are our products safe for everyone, i.e., humans and pets alike, but they are also environmentally friendly. We  have made sure that every product is personally tested and approved before we use it.

While many commercial cleaning companies may claim that environmentally friendly products aren’t potent enough, we tend to disagree.  The right techniques, combined with these products in our experience, can clean any stain, dirty hall, or carpet for that matter. Furthermore, we’ve invested heavily in the best, most potent commercial cleaning machines, which makes short work of anything it encounters.

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Call Patriot USA LLC today for a free quote – 1-240-512-6902

We Improve Your Working Environment

A room with dirt, grime, and odor is no place to work. If anything, it is demotivating for employees and a turn off for clients. That’s why our cleaning emphasizes so much on making sure that the air everyone breathes is odorless. We also ensure that every nook and cranny is clean.

We will also advise you on the best way to further make the environment cleaner using our industry experience. So, you can be assured of possibly the cleanest office in the building! Or the cleanest office building maybe.

Trained Experts

We don’t just employ janitorial staff but instead people who are trained experts. Every one of our employees has been through extensive training and understands exactly how to deal with issues like stains, cleaning restricted areas, and high-risk locations.

Let’s Talk

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Proud to Serve

Patriot USA is proud to offer janitorial and commercial staffing services from Launch Workplaces to the WeWork Office Space & Coworking. Contact now to see what Patriot can do for you.

Call Patriot USA LLC today for a free quote – 1-240-512-6902

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