Losing Customers Up to 79%?

Losing Customers

Losing Customers

Here’s a wake-up call for business owners and managers:

If you run a restaurant or hotel that’s known for unsanitary restrooms, you could be losing as much as 79% of all potential business.

And it’s not just the hospitality industry. According to the chart from the ISSA, people avoid all sorts of establishments if they’re known for less-than-stellar restroom cleanliness, including supermarkets, gas stations and car dealerships. A dirty restroom can result in lost sales, referrals, partnerships and repeat business in any industry.

Business is more competitive then ever. Competition is always seeking an edge.

What do your customers think of your business? Will they tell you? Will they say nothing and choose to take their business elsewhere?

Think of all the things that can go wrong for a customer when they visit your restroom. Clients are on the lookout for clogged toilets, sticky or soiled floors, unpleasant odors and fully-stocked amenities.

Losing Customers ? We have a solution!

Patriot has been a valuable asset to our clients for almost two decades. We make sure the facility always sets the best first impression from the restrooms to the entire facility.

Can your business look better? We believe there is always room for improvement.



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