Loss Prevention Cleaning

Loss Prevention Cleaning

loss prevention cleaning

The cost of doing business is high, and most can’t afford unnecessary losses. One source of billions in loss each year is theft. Quietly, profits can walk out the door and kill an otherwise thriving business.

The cleaning industry is often challenged with internal theft. Poorly screened and paid cleaners let loose on a facility can read havoc on valuables. From candy missing from an office desk, a missing laptop, product off the shelves or in more extreme cases a missing vehicle from the parking lot or corporate secrets. 

The sad part is in many cases, the cleaner is often scapegoated to be the cause even when they are not. Many thieves use unsecured times while cleaners are in progress to pocket items as they know the blame will likely not fall on them.

Loss prevention cleaning. How are we different?

Over the last two decades we have found that being part of the solution is far better than being part of the problem. Our incidences of internal theft have been virtually non existent over the years, because we handle the causes differently.

Patriot pays our cleaners well above industry average. A well paid cleaner is far less likely to steal because they have something more substantial to lose. A well paying and consistent job.

We screen cleaners intensely. In cases where theft or security could be an issue we use third party systems to run security and background checks.

Our management team brief cleaners before they start that WE prosecute theft to the fullest extent of the law. It’s our responsibility to protect your property, and theft hurts our brand. We strive to protect our brand as one you can trust, and we are well trusted by many of the top companies in the nation.

We empower cleaners to be the eyes and ears of your facility when they are there. Over the years we have thwarted burglaries, reported missing items as they occur. Recently, we caught a overnight bartender smuggling two bottles of fine wine out the door. We have saved the firms we service countless dollars. 

How much money is missing from your bottom line? 

In closing, Patriot USA takes measures to ensure your facility is clean and less likely to be cleaned out by theft. Want a firm you can trust? Call us for a free no obligation quote 8775751129

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