The (almost) lost art of service with a smile.

The (almost) lost art of service with a smile.


Today the art of service often gets lost in the noise of the accelerated pace.

Professionals and artisans have become cookie cutters. Servers and cashiers have gone the way of the dinosaur. In their place a cold kiosk resides.

We have all met with the face of modern business. A receptionist who is unhappy. A support tech who lacks people skills.

Cleaning staff and janitors though often overlooked are critical elements in maintaining a strong image for the companies they serve.

Our staff believe there is value in the warmth of human interaction, and real wealth exists in retaining people who care about the contribution they make in servicing your business.

Smile . One of the many ways we are different than the norm.

The presence of Patriot USA staff in your facility represents your company’s decision making prowess. In selecting Patriot you have given us your confidence. We follow with striving to make it obvious to all that your choice was the best one.

Staff who are well trained and have a a strong work ethic are essential to a well maintained facility.

While our staff are servicing your business we see to it that the Patriot USA uniform is clean and clearly visible.

We go to great lengths to see to it the people wearing Patriot USA uniforms and cleaning your facility are happier than the norm. Patriot staff are routinely paid above industry average and we treat our people as valuable parts of our company. We value their input and we believe the worker is an equal in our company. The quality of the Janitorial worker is at the root of service quality. It’s the backbone of our business.

Consequently, at Patriot we also put a high value on having personnel who are personable, approachable and responsive.

In closing, it takes just as much effort to be friendly as it does not to be. Choosing the latter is unacceptable to us.

What we offer at Patriot USA is service with a smile. Why would you settle for anything less?



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