Getting too low a price could equal a dirty disaster

Low Price Dirty Disaster

An overly low cleaning quote offered in the absence of a real understanding of what your facility needs, is a recipe for a dirty disaster.

Low Price Dirty Disaster

Low Price Dirty Disaster BEWARE

We at Patriot USA know that sometimes you have a budget that is less than ideal. We understand that even if your budget is below what is optimal for your facility, it is a financial reality you must consider.

Janitorial companies will offer cheap prices and less service.

We can help you determine what work is most critical in your facility. Then we can consult you how to get the most done with the budget you have. Patriot can help to develop a cleaning plan that best supports your facility while we work with your budget.

Patriot USA has almost two decades of building maintenance experience.  Patriot’s experts understand where it is possible to get maximum value for your dollar, which will ensure you properly maintain your facility for the long term.



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