Area among highest in U.S. with Mice, Roaches and Rats

Mice, roaches and rats are among the highest in U.S. in this region.

An article posted yesterday confirmed what we had suspected for many years. Pest control in this region is a very serious issue. We notice the problem in every major metropolitan area we service. Pests are even common in rural areas. It’s a universal problem.

Mice, Roaches and Rats

Mice, Roaches and Rats- Infected Cities

Though the report was residential centric, commercial properties are often joined to or share common areas with residential spaces. Rodents and other pests easily migrate from one area to another and can harm business reputation, property value and can create public health dangers.

I can recall an instance at a local bar restaurant that was well known for the tastiest burgers. One day, while sitting at the bar I was about to dig in to my lunch when I saw a rat zip by behind the bar. I stood and left and will never return.

While this is an extreme example, even the evidence of droppings or just one insect are enough for most to be repulsed to telling EVERYONE about their experience.

An apartment building that has pest evidence is less likely to be leasable property and the value of that property decreases when viewed as pest infested. For food service venues, even evidence of vermin can be grounds for immediate closure, loss of revenue and a public relations nightmare through news, social media and word of mouth. In office buildings pests effect morale and sickness rates for employees. Overall, untreated pest problems cost business far more than a proactive treatment program.

While poisons and traps are a reasonably effective means of decreasing mice, roaches and rats, the most effective method is a more comprehensive approach of cleaning combined with pest control.

Removing food and water sources from any space decreases the elements that pests prefer. Regular cleaning gives opportunity for additional eyes that can observe, quickly report and treat for pests.

Ultimately decreasing the frequency of time between the evidence of pests and treatment of them gives less time for these unwanted guests to create a foot hold and breed. Breeding equals infestation. Its far easier to get rid of a few pests than an army of them.

At Patriot USA, we are always seeking new opportunities to be of higher value to our clientele. This last year, we increased our services to include a combination of cleaning and pest control services for our clients.

We suggest a proactive cleaning and pest control program could be the best thing you could do for your property and your business.



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