Outstanding Cleaning Importance

Outstanding Cleaning Importance .

outstanding cleaning importance

Retailers, restaurants and other public businesses must maintain an always clean facility. Do this or risk a huge competitive disadvantage.

Just this past week an incident of Norovirus at one location of Chipotle made national news. Consequently, this sent the stock price plunging almost 6% in one day. In the official corporate statement “the food was not the source”. Thusly sanitization of surfaces such as bathroom fixtures is very suspect.

A recent Harris Poll of 1000 U.S. Adults found that up to 93% would not return if they had a poor experience with business conditions. Factors that turned customers away included bad odors 78%, dirty bathrooms 66%, dirty surfaces 65%, dirty entranceway 60% and dirty or slippery floors 52%.

In the last few years the increase of feedback from sites like Yelp, online news articles and social media have made complaints about unsanitary conditions extremely visible.  New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Dallas and Miami all have health department inspection reports on public websites. These sites are often shared or reposted in online news such as the New York Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Most recently we are are witnessing locations like Bethesda, San Antonio and even small areas like Lacrosse, Wisconsin and their news media outlets reposting inspection results to the public.

In fact, in this last year most major and secondary cities in America as well as most small and medium municipalities began posting health inspection reports online in an attempt to make businesses more accountable to the public. Businesses can no longer hope people don’t notice.

Outstanding Cleaning Importance . The true cost to your business bottom line.

In a competitive market, there are far too many choices where customers can choose to spend, shop and eat. Saving a few dollars by not seeking the highest quality cleaning service is costing business huge sums of money.

We suggest a proactive approach to facility cleanliness is vital to sustainable business success.



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