Patriot USA Saves The Day

Patriot USA saves the day !

Patriot USA saves the day

For nearly two decades Patriot USA has been keeping our clients looking clean and sanitary protecting their image, saving dollars, lives and property.

While cleaning a restaurant during the holiday season, we found a wallet packed with holiday cash. Several thousand dollars (as the client described- we didn’t open it) We made arrangements to get it back to its owner intact. They were so happy that it was “just as they lost it”, they sent us gift certificates. We considered not accepting them, but the customer insisted. Our cleaners went out to dinner someplace special on their night off. A well deserved holiday treat!

We were at a local branch of a national chain of auto rental companies. One night while our people were cleaning, they noticed a few shady characters casing the perimeter. They dialed 911 and the Police apprehended the bad guys in the process of a heist. All the cars stayed where they were supposed to be.

During a service, we found a laptop bag with the laptop still inside. We contacted the client and put it in a safe place only to find one of their customers had left it. Though it was unknown to us the customer let us know, It still had a thousand dollars cash inside as well.

One night a Patriot cleaner called 911 and was standing outside the clients business. They smelled the odor of natural gas in the building. Police evacuated the building and the gas company quickly and shut off what would have been a major gas leak (at the base of an occupied apartment building). It could have been a massive explosion. Patriot’s staff saved lives that day.

Patriot USA saves the day, every day since 1998.

Your business was visited by a VIP client who was very impressed with the cleanliness of the operations.

When the health inspector showed up unannounced and found the location free of housekeeping violations.

The T.V. crew showed up ahead of schedule for that much needed exposure and the business was already camera ready, shiny and prepared for filming.

When you decreased the frequency and cost of your pest control because “the mice and insects aren’t a problem any more because the cleaning is so good there is little to eat.”


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