Unified Pest Control and Cleaning Services

A Unified Strategy for Pest Control Services and Cleaning Services

pest control services


Periodically, we review our offerings when we identify a need for a better solution that could be of value to our clients.

Since 1998 we have been servicing all types of facilities. One of our specialties includes restaurants, which require the deepest level of cleaning to avoid pests (because of the presence of food).

Recently, there has been a large amount of media exposure nationally, especially in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami, New York and New Jersey because new data sources make health inspection results more public.

FACT: Customers avoid establishments that they know have had pest or cleaning issues. Conservative estimates are 30% (one in three) will not patronize a known offender.

Consequently there has been more social media backlash and health department crackdowns that threaten close businesses temporarily or permanently.

A good example is Philadelphia, PA where in March of 2016, new policies set “evidence of vermin” as a reason for “automatic 48 hour closure” from the Department of Health.

In addition, arrival of pests sometimes leads to finger pointing between vendors. Pest control firms point out shortcomings of the cleaning staff, while the cleaning staff point out the need for more robust methods of pest control.

A new type of of solution was was necessary for risk mitigation to protect public safety, social media presence, reputation and brand.

What is clearly necessary is a combination of cleanliness and best practices in pest control.

The solution is a single source, point of contact for both cleaning and pest control and a more complete and unified strategy. Most effective is seamless commutation between cleaning and pest control personnel. Superior is a single firm with ultimate responsibility.

This year, Patriot USA innovated a “first of it’s kind” unified cleaning and pest control services strategy to achieve maximum effectivity.

Our offerings now include very experienced, seasoned, licensed and insured exterminators. We offer these services to any commercial application, from office complexes, retail facilities, medical buildings, manufacturers and of course restaurants.

Patriot’s Cleaning and Pest Control services are available combined as a quote, specification and together in weekly or monthly billing for easier budgeting and less accounts payable tasks. (one less bill to pay)

Of course we offer services individually and you may select Patriot USA for cleaning or pest control.

For a complete strategy and peace of mind we suggest both. In fact, it could be the number one factor in staying open for business.



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