Place to See in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria, Virginia, has become one of the most cherished cities in the USA as it is the hometown of George Washington. Alexandria features exquisite architecture dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, diverse cultures, and acclaimed restaurants anyone can enjoy. 

Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum

Places to visit  near me in Alexandria, Virginia
Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum

If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter series, you must visit the Apothecary Museum in Alexandria, Virginia. Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary is more than just a museum! It’s a time machine that takes you back to the days before we had modern medicine. 

The apothecary was initially developed in 1792 and had been in operation for over 100 years. Of course, it’s no longer a functioning apothecary that distributes positions and eclairs. Instead, today it is a museum designed to educate and intrigue people of all ages and backgrounds. What makes this place stand out in Alexandria is its timeless architecture and the preservation of many of the medical equipment and potions. Here you will find everything from the original bottles, formulas, medical journals, formula books, and more! The museum offers various guided tours of the building and the history of herbal medicine. As an added bonus, there are special tours that are Harry Potter-themed! What more could a person want! 

The George Washington Masonic National Memorial 

Things to See in Alexandria, Washington Masonic Memorial
The George Washington Masonic National Memorial

Located in Alexandria, Virginia, the George Washington Masonic National Memorial was created in honor of the former US president George Washington. It’s not a museum but rather a National Historic Landmark that features guided tours run by local citizens of Alexandria.

Torpedo Factory Art Center

People visiting Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria
Torpedo Factory Art Center

Do you love art? Love getting creative?

Inspiration can be found not too far away at the Torpedo Factory Art Center.  Now this prestigious art center is more than just a gallery! It features a wide variety of visual artists who dabble in paintings, sculptures, pottery, and more! But if you’re not looking to purchase some art and prefer getting more hands-on, then the good news is that there are plenty of art classes and workshops open to public members. In fact, there are art classes for kids of all ages too!

Apart from their artists and workshops, the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia, will have something fun and interactive for everyone. The art center features extensive exhibits, galleries, programs, and archeology. The best part is there’s no admission cost to enter this awesome place. So it’s definitely worth a visit!

Gadsby’s Tavern Museum

Old Town Alexandria Gadsby Tavern Architecture
Gadsbys Tavern Museum

The Gadsby’s Tavern Museum is an Old Town Alexandria classic that will really take you back to the 1700s. The Gadsby’s Tavern is a set of buildings that were built during the late 1700s. Today the iconic Tavern serves as both a museum and restaurant to the public. Here visitors from across the world can enjoy a great meal while learning about the museums’ history and enjoying its timeless architecture. 

Fun fact: George Washington would frequently visit the Tavern to enjoy a drink or two. Other well-known customers of the Gadsby Tavern included Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. 

Carlyle House Historic Park

Carlyle House in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.
Carlyle House Historic Park

The Carlyle House is a historic mansion built in the 1700s by John Carlyle, a Scottish merchant. Situated in Old Town Alexandria, this monumental mansion is cherished for its history, timeless beauty, and Georgian residential architecture. Visitors can enjoy the pristine gardens on a warm sunny day or walk through the historical exhibits. There’s a lot to do and a lot to learn at the Carlyle House Historic Park.

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