Fail to Plan = Plan to Fail

Plan ahead.

It is always always true in business and especially true in commercial cleaning and janitorial services that ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’.

Plan ahead

Since 1998 we have taken pride in making sure we plan ahead to ensure even the largest obstacles are overcome. We’ve done this by planning to succeed.

We have gotten through dozens of snowstorms and hurricanes without missing a client. Our company has navigated though political conventions and holidays without issue. We don’t have a ‘perfect’ success rate of staffing in disaster, weather event or obstacle but we are certainly very close. It’s extremely rare we are unable to service a client.

Patriot USA did achieve a 100% staffing rate during a visit from the Pope during the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia this year without missing a beat. Our people backpacked, commuting on foot and bicycle long distances to service our clients. They passed through security checkpoints, slept inside the security areas and did what was necessary to make sure our clients still looked great in spite of the estimated million plus crowds.

We have a communication system that is operational 24-7, and our people all carry mobile phones. Patriot maintains a secondary lockbox of duplicate keys for our client sites and a secure log of alarm codes. We even stockpile supplies and equipment where necessary in order to prepare for the unforeseen.

Patriot keeps a pass down logbook on many of our client sites where applicable so our staff can communicate directly with yours.

We plan maintenance of our equipment and ordering materials. Patriot plans site visits and daily QA inspections. We also plan for back up personnel and cross train our staff regularly.

Most importantly, we plan for safe operations at all of the facilities we maintain by following OSHA regulations, MSDS guidelines and periodic training and review.

A disorganized cleaning company often leads to a reactive rather than proactive approach to facility maintenance over the long haul.

Is your service provider planning for success in your facility?

If so we believe your budget could be better spent.


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