Selecting a Professional Cleaning Service. Let us help you.

Professional cleaning? Our managers find it amusing how surprised people are to be doing business with a “professional” janitorial provider.

professional cleaning selection

While in many industries, professionalism is commonplace, in the cleaning and janitorial business it’s often not the case. We find this to be true in Philadelphia, Pa and Washington, DC., New York, NY, Miami FL. and in the many other areas we provide services.

Just about anyone with a mop a bucket can call themselves a “cleaning company”. The market is flooded with these. Yes, there are other professional cleaning companies like Patriot USA, but there are masses of businesses in between who have little understanding or experience. The inexperienced and unprofessional will still do business with you! In fact, they are counting on it.

We always encourage the customer to be thorough in selecting professional cleaning providers. Of course, cleaning service or janitorial service is an intangible till you have hired and then it’s often too late.

Choose Professional Cleaning (a guide)

Here is a ranking checklist to assist you in selecting the best cleaning service. (1 point for every yes- possible 13 points for the best likely choice)  *copy this or print it out to use as your checklist*

  • Initial call/ email- was the cleaning company responsive, timely, articulate and friendly? Y/N
  • Initial Meeting/ Quote- was scheduling to meet easy, and did the estimator or rep arrive on time? Y/N
  • Estimator- was the estimator someone with at least 10 years in the cleaning business, and do they have janitorial service experience with facilities like yours? Y/N
  • First impression- Was the estimator clean in appearance and dressed for a professional meeting? Y/N
  • Company Pride- Did the estimator have a business card with a website, a 24 hour phone number and an email address? Y/N

More Considerations

  • Quote- Was the commercial cleaning quote sent in a timely fashion, and did it address the details you specified in your initial walkthrough? Y/N
  • References- Does the commercial cleaning provider have a track record of 10 years or more and at least 3 references you can call? Y/N
  • Pricing- was the cleaning service pricing in the middle or the upper end of all the quotes requested? Y/N
  • Inspection- Was it specified in the commercial cleaning quote that the cleaning staff will visit the site regularly to inspect? Y/N
  • Binding- Is the janitorial quote a non binding contract or agreement in case you find the quality unacceptable? Y/N
  • Emergency Service- does the commercial cleaning company have the ability to cover your facility during emergencies or do they provide 24 hour emergency service? Y/N
  • Comprehensive- is the cleaning service quote comprehensive and does it address all your facilities cleaning needs? Y/N
  • Status Quo- is the commercial cleaning firm NOT a franchise or giant company where I’m just a number? Y/N  (is the bill  I am paying are going to pay for the use of the name and advertising instead of the cleaners)

At Patriot USA we recommend asking questions and making strong comparisons in the process of selecting a cleaning company. Our management act as consultants through the selection process and we will make transparent what most cleaning firms will not. Let us guide you to making a sustainable choice, even if it means choosing another firm.


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