Protecting Brand and Image, Since 1998.

Patriot USA has been protecting the perception of the brand and image of many companies, since 1998.


In fact, this is what the Patriot USA logo represents. We are vigilant. We are always protecting our clients.

Many years ago in the military, we were often subject to a wide range of inspections. From aircraft, to ship and maintenance spaces. From safety inspections to battle readiness to material condition. Constantly under the microscope.

One thing we were able to learn was the initial impression sets the tone of the need for deeper exploration.

If it was immediately apparent things were clean, squared away, in order, safe etc., it was less likely that the inspector would dig deeper for further inspection. The face value was taken for the condition of the entire inspection.

It was the “obvious infraction” that was an instant signal for a very time consuming, difficult inspection.

We made certain our first impression set our perceived value very high (which was a mirror of our actual value)

The first impression set the tone for the entire impression.

This idea was carried into Patriot USA from the moment it was founded.

The word perception is defined as the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. Perception is a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.

We believe that all people develop perceptions quickly like this. Quick positive initial observations set the standard for a complete positive experience. In opposition immediately apparent negative observations can set the tone for dissatisfaction or low quality (even if behind the scenes things are well above par)

We know of a national retail outlet that mists a signature sent in the entranceway of all it’s stores, just to set the tone as you walk through the door.

Most of us can recall a restaurant with a dirty entranceway or bathroom and great food. Unfortunately the poor initial impression spoils the experience for people who won’t return in spite of the cuisine. (various statistics suggest up to 30 percent)

This is why having the most effective commercial cleaning company is so incredibly important. Because controlling that first impression sets the tone for perceived value of any company or brand. When the first impression is “clean” people perceive everything behind it to be top notch (even if the business is not 100% behind the scenes)

Of course, there is always the potential for negative comments and photos that can spread on social media like wildfire. This can be very difficult to counter once made public. A reputation is easy to destroy.

  • What is the investment your company has made in it’s brand, it’s reputation and it’s following?

The first impression of “cleanliness” of any company or brand can set it’s perceived value. We suggest, it might just be the most important thing of all.

Can you really afford to risk a dirty first impression?



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