A responsible choice in a cleaning company

Making a responsible choice in a cleaning company can be a challenging prospect because commercial cleaning is an intangible. You can not be 100% certain if your choice was the correct one till after the service begins.

responsible choice

There are so many things to consider. The pricing, specifications and initial first impressions are a good start.

Then a deeper level of due diligence is suggested:

Does the company have an online presence?

-What do the website and social media say about them?

-What do their references say?

-WHY do business with them?

-What is the different about this company that goes beyond the price and specifications?

-What does the company represent and where does my money go?

Though there may be virtues for the biggest businesses in the janitorial services industry,  they are governed by drive for deep profit and a responsibility to shareholders. These companies generate billions every year, but the cleaning client certainly gets less for the dollar.

Ask yourself

-How will the money be spent?

on the CEO’s fourth vacation home, to shareholder dividends or a TV commercial.


to pay near a prevailing wage to the cleaner who actually cleans your facility and ultimately puts food on the family table.

-Does the cleaning firm implement green cleaning practices and materials?

-Have you considered social responsibility in your selection?

-Is the business Disabled Veteran Owned, a MWBE or at the very least a local or regional small business enterprise?

The “sweet spot” is the janitorial firm with local labor, small enough to treat you as an important priority but large enough to be capable of the needs of your firm. Ideally the company should be easy to find without turning on the TV (social media, website, online presence) and put the majority of the money paid by the client in the hands of the cleaning staff. They should be a cleaning firm maintaining green friendly, environmentally sustainable practices. They should have an impressive portfolio of happy clients and there should be a good reason to do business with them beyond the price and specs.

In America, we can be part of the problem or part of the solution. As business consumers we can control what the future will hold for our children and our grandchildren. We can make a responsible choice for our businesses while still being socially and environmentally conscious.

Choose wisely.


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