Restaurant Alert Philadelphia

Restaurant Alert Philadelphia !

Restaurant Alert Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Health Department processes were as follows for many years.

First, health violations were reported to Licensing and inspections.

Then, the health department made a recommendation to L&I.

Finally , closure was recommended but not mandatory.

This all changed recently. New powers have been granted to the Phila Health Department effective March 2017.

Restaurant Alert Philadelphia

Consider, The Health Department can now shut down any restaurant automatically for health code violations. Voluntary closure or L&I assistance is no longer necessary.

In addition restaurants risk an immediate and automatic forty eight hour closure for evidence of pests.

Seems like the pressure is now on the restaurant. It must maintain proper health code procedures and cleanliness.

Business loss and bad press is a huge risk. Restaurants must be protected from being closed. Choose a daily cleaning and maintenance program from Patriot USA.


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