Seeking Great Clients

Seeking great clients.

seeking great clients

We know you are selective. So are we.

For years, our objective has been to grow while still maintaining the extremely high quality level our clients have come to expect.

This means that contrary to some other businesses formulas, “growth at all costs” is not our objective.

Patriot is very scalable but refuses to be stretched too thin. We seek measured growth.

While you are interviewing us, vetting our credentials, twenty year track record and pricing we are considering you as a potential client as well.

Recently, we have had a few very large pieces of business that we turned down.

In one case the projective client attempted to add dozens of items to their requirements just before we came to agreement. When the management were unwilling to accept that these adjustments had an effect on the cost we chose not to continue. Patriot wants to do business but not give away the house, so we respectfully declined.

In another case, we listened carefully to the clients expectations and audited the facilities budget.  What we found was an extreme disparity between the two. (and the reason the prospect was unhappy with their current service) It’s great to have extremely high expectations as long as you have the budget to match. We want to do business together but won’t allow any business to set us up for failure. Ultimately we came to the conclusion that they were not a fit for our firm, and passed accordingly.

We even had to decline business because we found out that a client had ran up a huge bill with one of our competitors and then cancelled and stuck them with the bill. Patriot competes with other firms, but we have a conscience too. Besides, If you stuck them, you’ll likely stick us too. Respectfully, no thank you.

Running a reputable firm you can rely on does come with a few additional costs. While we understand that there are plenty of cleaning and building maintenance companies that care very little for the staff, aren’t concerned with your liability or the quality and consistency of your service, this is not Patriot USA. We offer turnkey services, use quality materials, are well insured to protect your property and pay our staff enough to care about your facilities. To do anything less would do both of us a dis-service.

Patriot USA is seeking great clients this year (just a few)

Though we can’t take on every prospective client who contacts us, we are searching for a few great long term business relationships this year.  Our clients love us and you will too. We promise to bring to the table one of the top services available from coast to coast at a reasonable cost. We hope to hear from you and would be happy to meet with you and discuss your needs.


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