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Do you want your place of business to be sparkling clean? Don’t want to hire in-house cleaning staff because of the overhead and hassle associated with it? Then allow Patriot USA to handle your commercial cleaning needs. At Patriot USA, our commercial cleaning for businesses in California, CA spans the entire city and covers businesses of all types and sizes. Regardless of what type of business you own, we can handle its cleaning needs.

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Why Choose Our Commercial Cleaning Service?

Let’s face it commercial cleaning for business in California, CA are a dime a dozen. In fact, there are many more commercial cleaners in California than possibly any other city in the US. While the perception is that there is stiff competition, we beg to differ. At Patriot USA, we are not competing with any other commercial cleaning service, because what we provide stands out from all the rest.

Here are a couple of reasons why our commercial cleaning for businesses in California stands out:

  • Our commercial cleaning crew uses the latest and best cleaning equipment that money can buy, which speeds up the process.
  • We waste little time, and our crew is always on time when it comes to regularly scheduled cleaning.
  • Our team works on autopilot with a supervisor on-site to ensure that the entirety of your business premises is covered.
  • Our commercial cleaning team receives regular refresher training and equipment training as required.
  • Every one of our employees is fully insured.

Unquestionable Quality Cleaning

When we refer to our cleaning as being “quality”, it means that your floors, walls, desks, and counters are spotless. Sometimes it can be easier said than done, but we are here to make it possible. Furthermore, we also clean areas and spots which are otherwise not easily visible.

We also clean and inspect services and areas which are not easily visible. Our experience shows that cleaning these areas are important to the health and longevity of the other places we clean. It also assures us that the place of buiness will be odorless for the most part.

A Cost-Effective Cleaning Service

We pride ourselves on offering a commercial cleaning service that’s budget-friendly. Regardless of your budget, we have a solution that can be custom-tailored to your needs. Speaking of custom-tailored, we are one of the few if any commercial cleaning services in California to offer customized service. Our packages aren’t set in stone because we know that the needs of all businesses aren’t the same.

When it comes to pricing, we are 100% transparent and upfront about it. So, there are no unexpected surprises when you receive our invoice. Furthermore, every charge is explained and clarified. If you have a question, we are liable to answer it before you proceed with hiring us.

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