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Do you feel as though your place of business isn’t as clean as it should be? You are certainly not alone. Many business owners we speak to think that their cleaners could do a better job, and that’s why they hire us. In fact, many businesses that come to us for commercial cleaning in San Francisco, CA, do so after having used many other services and not being satisfied with them. Some companies on a tight budget will choose a cheap service; others would have sought more expensive services. The assumption is that expensive commercial cleaning is good, which isn’t the case.

Top-shelf commercial cleaning has nothing to do with price but everything to do with training and willingness. We have some of the best professional cleaners in the business that can remove stains, dirt, grease, and various other forms of dirt from your office, restaurant, bar, or any other place of business. That said, we offer the very best cleaning at a highly competitive price point.

Discuss Your Needs Before Proceeding

As a reputed cleaning service that has been providing commercial cleaning for San Francisco, CA, we always tell clients to sit down with us to discuss what they need. All types of cleaning are not equal because clearly, some approaches are better than others. However, we need to know what you’ve got until now and what you’re expecting. We would also want to walk through your office to get a feel for the extent of work required before quoting a price.

While taking the time out may be challenging for some businesses, it is worth it. Once we know what we are dealing with, it becomes easier to quote a price and then formulate a strategy. The result is excellent cleaning, the kind you might not have witnessed before.

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Our Cleaning Techniques are Proven to Work

Commercial cleaning for San Francisco, CA, is more than just using soap and water. It all boils down to using the right technique and tools for the job. Unlike other professionals, there is a limited window within which our team members have to fix an issue like a stain on the wall. That’s why they are trained to think on their feet to find solutions in the shortest time.

Furthermore, we use many different cleaning techniques to ensure the best results. Everything from steam cleaning to mopping and professional vacuuming is used to ensure that every ounce of dirt is removed.

We Don’t Waste Your Time

We work fast and efficiently. As a business, we know that you don’t want cleaners lurking around your office or place of business for longer than they should be there. That’s why we will work fast, efficiently, and then leave at a time that was previously decided.

Many businesses appreciate the fact that we get right to work. Furthermore, our staff members are polite, and our customer service can always be reached if there is something you’d like to discuss.

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A Place of Business That Feels and Smells Inviting

Your place of business needs to smell and feel inviting, which is a sure sign that it is clean. We work hard and efficiently to ensure that all the dirt is removed, and all that’s left is the sweet smell of a clean place of business. It is this unmistaken smell that assures clients, employees, and partners that this is a business that’s doing well.

If you want the best cleaning, at the most cost-effective price, then call Patriot USA today.

Proud to Serve

Patriot USA is proud to offer janitorial and commercial staffing services from Four Embarcadero Center, to InterContinental San Francisco, an IHG Hotel. Contact now to see what Patriot can do for you.

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