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When it comes to commercial cleaning for businesses in Delaware, Wilmington DE, Dover DE and beyond Patriot USA is well known as the leading name in the industry. We have an established reputation for providing a top quality cleaning services, staffing services and backing it with world class customer service. We seek clients regardless of size and small, medium or large businesses that use Patriot USA sleep well knowing they are in good hands. It is this fact that has led us to rank as one of the fastest growing businesses in the state of Delaware.

Wilmington DE – And Northern Delaware – 302-321-2315

Dover DE – Central and Southern Delaware and Shore Points – 302-321-1820

Expert Cleaners with a Keen Eye for Detail

We recruit and hire staff that have the ability to see dirt, and follow through with outstanding work ethic and a keen eye for the details. We are always looking beyond the obvious and work to avoid pattern cleaning so we may find hidden dirt, stains and signs of deeper issues that need to be addressed. In all types of properties and facilities, it is often small areas that go unnoticed that can cause deeper problems or health and safety issues. Unsanitary conditions can be the cause of odor, harbor bacteria and viruses and attract insects and vermin. That’s why finding and cleaning these areas are so important.

Our expert cleaners use specialized equipment and chemicals to clean out hard to reach areas. If required, we will often ask for permission to access harder to access areas in the facility while working with the buildings security team so that the cleaning is as thorough as it can be. At the end of every service the results we deliver speak for themselves.

No Need to Overpay for a Quality Cleaning Service

Many businesses overpay for a standard cleaning job. At Patriot USA, we make sure that our prices are competitive. Your company will never overpay when choosing Patriot USA because we offer the best value for money with results, reliability and an eye on helping your bottom line.

While speaking of reliability, we would mention that our team is on time and works with each clients operational schedule. We provide commercial cleaning for businesses in Delaware that don’t interfere with their operations but rather compliment and enhance them. This reliability and flexibility leads to a cleaner facility, happier clients and enhanced morale.

A Name You Can Trust Patriot USA

There are many commercial cleaners in Delaware and you can certainly find them. We suggest that not all services are the same. Patriot USA works very hard to differentiate ourselves from the masses by constant improvement and maximum value. We are consistently refining the value our service be recruiting the best people, using quality materials and machines and ensuring that our cleaners are well trained and feel valuable. Happy staff work harder to ensure client satisfaction.

When you hire Patriot USA for your cleaning, building maintenance, housekeeping or other needs, you are selecting a turn key solution. By selecting us, you and your firm gain the ability to focus on your core business needs as opposed to worrying about the cleaning. We handle everything and for a budget friendly price. Industry leading cleaning every day, thats Patriot USA.

Cleaning That’s a Call Away

Our team of cleaners and our customer service team are just a call away. When requiring your office, restaurant, bar or facility clean and well maintained call us today to discuss your needs. We will be very happy to provide a quote based on exactly what you need.

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Our Delaware Commercial Cleaning Service areas include:

Wilmington DE – And Northern Delaware – 302-321-2315

Dover DE – Central and Southern Delaware and Shore Points – 302-321-1820