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Your office is very similar to your business card, it is meant to attract business, retain existing business, and all of that requires making a great impression. One of the first things that anyone sees when they enter into an office is if it is clean. The cleanliness is the first thing to stand out. That’s why so much emphasis is placed on hiring an expert commercial cleaning company in Chicago, IL.

At Patriot USA, we have been providing professional commercial cleaning to businesses of all types and sizes. Our operations extend throughout the Chicago area, and every one of our services can be custom-tailored to your needs and budget. Our flexibility is what has led us to be known as one of the most professional cleaners in the city.

Our Approach to Commercial Cleaning in Chicago IL

One of the questions we often get asked by business owners who have used other commercial cleaners is what makes our approach so effective. While it is hard to answer in just a few lines, but the crux of it is that we focus on offering a customized approach. A customized approach to cleaning any business means that it caters to the needs of that specific place of business. After all, there is a difference between a large office populated by just a dozen employees and a small office with four dozen employees. Furthermore, there is a big difference between the floor space of a restaurant and a bar.

When we take a customized approach, it is guaranteed to offer the best results. However, the approach is based on our assessment of the type of cleaning required. For instance, it won’t be possible to run a large commercial mopping machine in a small office space cramped with cubicles. So, we need to come up with a solution that offers the best cleaning.

Industry Leading Experts

Our team comprises of the most seasoned industry professionals. Many of our crew members have been cleaners for well over a decade. However, they continue to receive refresher training and customer service training to ensure that they are a step ahead of the competition.

By employing experts who know how to handle certain spaces, types of stains and other issues, you can be assured that your place of business will be cleaned on autopilot. We are one of the few if any commercial cleaning companies in Chicago, IL that will not require your input beyond what is initially provided.

Trustworthy and Professional

At Patriot USA, we provide a truly transparent and professional service. Everything from our pricing to setting expectations is done in a transparent manner so you know exactly what can be expected. The same transparency applies to our customer service, billing and other aspects of the service. Furthermore, we make sure that every person working on your premises is fully insured, vetted and found to be the best out there.

If you are looking for a commercial cleaning company in Chicago that’s affordable and trustworthy,  then call Patriot USA today.

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