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Patriot USA is one of the leading commercial cleaning services in New York. Our clients include some big-name businesses, as well as smaller mom and pop operations. Unlike other commercial cleaning businesses in New York, NY, we have a team of highly professional and trained cleaners who specialize in specific cleaning tasks. We have teams that specialize in office cleaning, others that specialize in restaurant and bar cleaning etc.

Plus, we have people who can handle certain types of cleaning, like stain removal and grease removal from surfaces. Having a specialized team assures our clients that regardless of the issue, we can handle it with ease.

We Clean All Types and Sizes of Business

Whether you run a multi-office business, your office is the entire building, or you run a chain of restaurants, our commercial cleaning for businesses can be tailored to your needs. We have a team that’s dedicated to finding what will work best for each of our clients. They then use their understanding to assemble the right team, schedule the right time to clean and make arrangements for the required equipment.

Our team works swiftly, and we can have a cleaning crew at your place of business as early as the next business day. Furthermore, our commercial cleaning for businesses in New York is competitively priced especially when compared to hiring your own in-house cleaners. In fact, you will not need in-house cleaners when you have us!

We are currently offering commercial cleaning services in NY to the following areas:

No Hidden Fees, No Extras – 100% Transparency

We pride ourselves on running a cleaning service that’s crystal clear. Everything you are charged is listed clearly, and we can give you a full breakdown upfront. Getting a breakdown of all costs upfront saves you from any unexpected surprises. Furthermore, because there are no hidden fees we never urge you to tip our employees or give them any gifts.

Every one of our employees is professional and do their job as required. So, you are under no pressure to offer them an extra incentive to work. That said we’ve never received a complaint from our clients in the past decade of working in the city.

The Best Cleaning Equipment

Commercial cleaning for businesses in New York can get challenging if we don’t have the best, and latest equipment. That’s why we’ve made it a point to invest in the best that is out there. Doing that allows us to work faster, more thoroughly and ensure high-quality spotless cleaning. Plus using the latest equipment helps us clean a larger area in a shorter time. The result is our team can be done and out of your place of business in no time.

Let’s Discuss What You Need

We know from experience that every business may have different cleaning needs. Fortunately, we can cater to most of your needs. However, the first step is to call and make an appointment. We can then discuss your needs and quote a price based on it. Call us today to book an appointment!

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