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Patriot USA is the leading staffing commercial cleaning company servicing businesses across the Tri-State area, throughout Pennsylvania from Philadelphia PA to Pittsburgh, PA. We provide a wide array of staff and commercial cleaning services, housekeeping, janitorial services, Covid 19 Coronavirus Sanitization, and other labor and services for hotels, restaurants, offices, manufacturing facilities, retail stores and more. Our clients include some of the most prestigious and well known companies in the region and the nation.  We customize our staff and our services and how we approach each client based on the business’ needs, the culture, the atmosphere, the environment and of course safety. That is why you can be assured of 100% efficient staff and the best results.

We provide high quality staffing and services across the entire state of Pennsylvania:

Why Choose Our Janitorial Services?

There many reasons why a business would want to choose our commercial cleaning or housekeeping services. Here are a few reasons to consider Patriot USA you are considering hiring a professional cleaning service company in Pennsylvania:

  • We have a team of seasoned experienced professionals and highly skilled cleaners.
  • Our service is competitively priced, yet we don’t cut any corners.
  • Our team works when you want, the way you want.
  • Every team member is fully screened. 
  • We back our clients with excellent and extremely responsive customer support that’s always there when you need it.

We get results

We know from experience that running a business has many challenges. One of the biggest and yet fundamental challenges of running a business is keeping it properly maintained. Whether running an office, restaurant, or mall keeping it clean is an uphill battle, especially without professional cleaners, competent management and the right equipment and materials. 

When you hire Patriot USA, we make all your cleaning issues disappear. We have the best tools, the most professional cleaners, and supervisors who are detail oriented in the pursuit of a clean place of business.

No Dirt Goes Undetected

Dust, mud, and mold can attract a myriad of medical issues. It’s usually a sign that things are not properly sanitized from even larger concerns like live viruses. That’s why it is so important to find and eliminate contaminated areas from spaces, even when they aren’t easily visible. Our cleaners have the knowledge and experience to look deeper and make sure that they are clean.

We use environmentally sustainable, organic, pet and human-friendly cleaning solutions that address many issues which result in removal of stains and odor. Sometimes finding the source of an odor can be difficult, but our team of specialists are able to track down and eliminate it before it sets the wrong impression for your business. You can always be assured of a first class service. 

When You Need Cleaning in Pennsylvania, call Patriot USA

Consistently recognized as on of commercial cleaning services in the nation our commercial cleaning began with businesses in Pennsylvania, PA, and has grown over our 20 plus year history.  That’s why we are trusted by the most established businesses in the Philadelphia area who have grown our company by contracting us to provide services for them across the U.S. Firms select Patriot to ensure that their business is always clean, safe and sets the best impression. If you’re looking for the same level of care about your facilities please call us today.

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