Food Service Staffing and Janitorial Services

As a business that deals with food, there are two priorities: your staff is well trained and the second being cleanliness. A good restaurant cleaning service like the one we offer can help ensure that your establishment is always clean. Plus, if you already have fulltime staff members, our team can help by relieving them from additional stress on an ad-hoc basis. Nevertheless, it is essential to make sure that your restaurant is always clean because that translates to an inviting and safe working condition for everyone.

As a commercial cleaning service, Patriot USA is fully equipped to deal with restaurants of all types and sizes. We can thoroughly sanitize your kitchen while also making sure that all areas of the restaurant look great.

Our Food Service Staffing

When you deal with food regularly, it is essential to ensure that your staff knows how to handle both the food and customers. Whether you own a restaurant or a catering service, you should never be shorthanded. Not to mention that it is easy to end up being short-handed if you don’t plan for what happens next.

Our food staffing service is manned by a team of true professionals. Each person working for us has extensive experience in the food industry. Our team has worked just about everywhere, ranging from in restaurants to hotels and even as staff at wedding receptions. So, we have the skills, experience, and numbers to pull off any staffing requirement.

Top-Quality Janitorial Services

Let’s face it like many other restaurants and catering services; you spend a lot of money to make sure that everything is clean. However, you can also attest to the fact that it can often be an uphill battle, especially if your staff isn’t trained to handle all types of issues. Sometimes staff members may not be adequate to ensure the type and level of cleaning your establishment requires.

At Patriot USA, we’ve been in the cleaning industry for as long as we can remember. Our team comprises of experienced cleaners who have worked in all types of environments. Not to mention that they have also cleaned all kinds of spaces. Whether it is a small and sweaty kitchen or a large one with dozens of stoves, we can make sure that it continues to remain clean.

Our Teams are Well Trained

Whether you hire our foodservice staffing service or our janitorial service, you are assured that everyone is well trained. We take great pride in knowing that ours is an industry-leading service after spending thousands of dollars each year on training our team to make sure they are the very best.

Top Shelf Services That Don’t Break the Bank

Whether you are searching for a team of janitors to keep your restaurant clean, or for a few extra hands to assist you, we have just the team for you. In fact, contrary to popular belief, not only is our team well trained and experienced, but you don’t have to pay top dollar. In other words, you get a premium quality service without having to pay a premium.

Furthermore, our entire service is based on the fact that we care about our clients. We have their backs and have a system in place that holds everyone accountable. That’s why you can always be assured that we’ll adhere to the highest standards of the industry.

Why Your Restaurant Needs Our Janitorial Service?

Our cleaning service team has been trained to work with restaurants. That means they are accustomed to working when you need it. Plus, we offer flexible options, including cleaning surfaces, a few rooms, or even doing a deep clean of the whole premises each month. Even though surface cleaning may take your in-house staff hours when you hire us, that burden is significantly reduced, and that decreases the time to completion.

When you hire us, we always ask that you customize the service to your needs and budget. You can add and remove the services needed at any time, and our team will handle everything else.

We are Fully Certified

The best way for your restaurant to avoid legal issues relating to liabilities is to hire a company like ours with the required certifications and insurance. You can quickly look us up to find out what other businesses are saying about our service, which should give you an excellent idea of what to expect. If anything, our reputation is one reason why most of our business comes through word of mouth.

Call Us Today

Hiring foodservice staffing and janitorial services can mean providing a lot of relief to your staff. When you have professionals like ours keeping your business clean, it frees you up to focus on food, marketing, and building a reputation with customers. So, call us today to discuss your cleaning needs.


Food Service

Food Service

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