We Solve Commercial Cleaning Problems

Commercial cleaning problems? We solve them!

we solve commercial cleaning problems


  • Problem #1- The high cost of exceptional cleaning service 


We work with prospective clients to audit their cleaning and janitorial needs and develop a strategy producing the highest possible quantity and quality to fit their budget.

From the resulting information we customize the service process and develop a unique system for each individual client to maximize efficiency.

In addition, you aren’t just number to us. Patriot USA is not a giant franchise and has no license or residual fees to pay to a parent company. We pass these savings along to our clients.

Our business model is based on smaller margins in exchange for a long term relationships yet we don’t bind our clients to contracts.

We just ask if you love us, keep us. Most do, year after year.

  • Problem #2- Ineffective, unprofessional or inconsistent cleaning 


Patriot is a disabled veteran owned business and we use many of the lessons and principals borrowed from U.S. Naval Aviation in our programs and philosophy.

By using a process we have developed over almost two decades, we screen and hire the best local, legal staff. Then we give them the tools, training and support they need and pay them well above industry average. (a happy cleaner is an effective cleaner).

We are responsive, efficient, environmentally friendly, communicative, organized and we get results.

  • Problem #3- Need for client oversight to manage the outside cleaning staff 


We encourage communication with our staff and use our proprietary systems that help us identify and correct most issues proactively (before you notice).

Consequently, our approach decreases the need for our clients involvement so they can focus on other more pressing issues.

  • Problem #4- Unresponsive or uncommunicative staff 


We respond within hours to requests and feedback from our clients, and most often within minutes.

We are available 24-7-365 on call, and we quickly notify if we find any security issues, evidence of vermin, maintenance (not cleaning related) issues or other concerns rapidly.

We protect your business as if it was our own.

Do you have commercial cleaning problems? We suggest an estimate would be a great idea!


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