Starting with cleaning – The Facts

Starting with cleaning


Starting with cleaning

The day doesn’t end with the cleaning, it starts with it. 

FACT- In manufacturing and office environments cleanliness increases focus and productivity. The firm is highlighted as a successful company worth doing business with.

FACT- Restaurants, hotels and retail stores require cleanliness. This affects overall sales volume and the customers choice to return.

FACT- Medical facilities require cleanliness.  Patient safety is affected by sanitary conditions and the public’s choice of treatment facilities is greatly affected by their impression of its cleanliness.

FACT- In schools, cleanliness affects focus and safety reducing the spread of germs and disease that affect attendance and performance.

And yet for many organizations choose a cleaning service provider using status quo strategies where the cheapest provider wins. (Even if it ultimately hurts their business)

Over almost two decades Patriot USA has serviced some of the top companies in America including Godiva Chocolatier, David’s Bridal and Urban Outfitters. Our staff maintain several of the top rated restaurants in America. Patriot’s client facilities have been highlighted on TV and in the media. We’ve even cleaned studio sets for MTV.

Starting with cleaning. What Patriot clients enjoy is peace of mind. The ability to focus on core business practices and overall mission. We maintain properties to a very high standard, positioning our clients’ in a way that puts first impression of cleanliness at the forefront of importance rather than an afterthought.

Our Patriot logo “The Patriot” represents two things. 

  1. Our roots- We are a 100% disabled veteran owned small business and we stand proudly patriotic for the freedoms many have given their lives to protect. Freedom is not free. 
  2. Protection of your brand and image- Our customers sleep well at night knowing Patriot staff watch over and maintain our clients facilities with vigilance.

Please Note: Patriot is NOT a Franchise. We have no licensing or residual fees that are paid to a parent company. These means the majority of your payment to our company is actually paid to the people who clean and manage your facility. 

We apologize in advance, but we are very selective about taking on new clients. 

  • Patriot USA is in select major markets in the U.S. but not everywhere.
  • Our company routinely decline many requests for proposal every year.
  • We don’t service mom and pops and pizza shops and avoid discount chains and high volume low cost ubiquitous companies.  (Ex: Starbucks and Applebees)
  • In addition, we don’t offer one time services to companies who are not regular clients.


Focus! We can only take on a select few new clients annually so we can continue to maintain the superior quality level we are known for. Our goal is to continue to develop long term relationships with our clients. (Spanning many years) Too much growth is unfair to our existing clientele and could risk our ability to maintain Patriot’s existing clients to the standards we expect. We are big enough to handle anything, but maintain the small company feel where each client is still very important to us.

  • We don’t deep discount services to open the door to business together.


Patriot clients understand that service companies and the people they provide are not created equally and see the real value of choosing the best rather than the cheapest.

Starting with cleaning

For us, it’s not just about money. Our value is in being part of your team. We are on the same side! Our clients have been known to high five Patriot’s staff. There is nothing like a client ‘fist bump’  when they see our people. We just can’t see an unhappy client doing that.


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